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Fight crime with a well-built, managed solution

September 23, 2020


In brief

Design your transition

What is the service provider’s operational and compliance maturity level? Does the provider have institutional compliance experience? What about AML and KYC subject matter expertise and capabilities?

How quickly can the provider deliver its services? No matter the complexity, can this provider arrange for, train and begin taking on customer volumes within two to three months?

How does the service provider propose to transform the institution’s business? Can this provider offer a fresh, creative take on driving operating model improvements?

Scale up, but with quality and consistency

How does the service provider plan to secure the institution’s data? Given General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations, what’s the plan to collect, store, use and protect data?

How much oversight of the managed service is needed? Has this provider baked in a business interaction model, the required controls and necessary oversight?

How does the service provider plan to manage its relationship with the institution? Is there a dedicated team that can support the business in the day-to-day engagement post transition?

Deliver—with continual enhancement

Does the service provider have continuous improvement capabilities? Can the managed services provider bring its own tools and relationships with leading technology specialists to the table?

What cost efficiencies can the provider deliver? Can the firm gain up to 40% cost efficiencies and see a 95% quality rating on case files?

How quickly can the provider react to unplanned events and challenges? Does the provider show it can keep its client's business up, running and profitable during a global crisis?

Accenture can deliver

Philippe Guiral


Philippe has over 15 years of experience in large-scale programs working with leading retail, commercial and investment banks.

Robert Bradley

Managing Director, Compliance as a service Business Lead – Accenture Operations

Shahid Ghaloo


Shahid has over 16 years industry and consulting experience managing KYC and onboarding and helping clients develop financial crime strategies.

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