In brief

In brief

  • Intelligent Business Services fuel growth and place the user experience at the heart of the enterprise.
  • The last decade has seen a business trend to evolve customer offerings beyond products to encompass experiences, convenience and services.
  • A similar evolution is now occurring in the way that core business functions need to operate.

Intelligent Business Services—the next evolution of global business services—orchestrate human-centric, experience-led services enabled by digital that follow the needs of individual users rather than the linear steps of rigid, disconnected business processes.

It’s about people, not process

By adopting a human-centered point of view organizations can enhance the value of their business service functions in the eyes of customers, employees and business partners.

To make this happen, business services must evolve in two ways:

1. Operating model

Companies must adjust their operating model to break down the traditional functional siloes and organizational barriers between the ‘front’ and ‘back’ office.

2. Culture and mindset

They must develop a powerful company culture and mindset based on growth, customer satisfaction, experience and business value, rather than traditional levers of speed, cost, quality and efficiency.

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This will require a more agile and capable workforce consisting of new and different skills and roles where the power of utilizing the eco-system effectively is going to define the difference between success and failure.

Four defining characteristics

As an enabler of growth and experience-led services, Intelligent Business Services have four defining characteristics:

Human-centric, experience-based services

Digital at the core

Agile and capable workforce

Value ecosystem

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What got you here won’t get you there…

Business leaders should see the move to Intelligent Business Services as an opportunity to break out of the straight-jacket of the organizational silos that have characterized global business services for so long. In shifting focus from cost optimization to organizational capability and enterprise growth, huge value can be unlocked from the creation of sophisticated and satisfying user experiences that require agile, more organic, cross-functional teaming.

Shabana Kausser

Managing Director – Global Intelligent Business Services Offering Lead, Accenture Consulting

​Kaushik Guha

Managing Director & Enterprise Functions Lead – Accenture Operations, Europe


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