Five challenges for auto OEMs, as seen by customers

The potential in mobility services is unparalleled and exciting, but despite all the attention there remain many misperceptions about what customers really think and want.

To shine a light on the customer perspective, we’ve conducted a comprehensive, demand-led survey encompassing over 7,000 respondents in the United States, China and Europe. Based on these results and our region-specific insights, we’ve set out to answer five key challenges now and for the future of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and auto executives around the globe. We reveal the truth about what customers really want—and how OEMs need to respond or risk losing out.

The current state of play: Uncertain

Our previous Accenture research shows that by 2030 revenues from manufacturing and selling vehicles (around €2 trillion) will be only marginally higher than they are today, and that profits from car sales will even shrink slightly (from €126 billion to €122 billion).

By contrast, revenues from mobility services are projected to soar to almost $1.2 trillion—with profits reaching as much as $220 billion. Fueled by constant improvements in autonomous vehicle technologies, global markets for mobility as a service are set to grow exponentially over the next decade. The question is who will profit and who will be left behind?

Revenues from mobility services are projected to soar to almost $1.2 trillion—with profits reaching as much as $220 billion.

How to respond and take position?

Based on an in-depth examination of customer perspectives and preferences, with insights and recommendations, we look at how OEMs should adapt for the approaching autonomous era, and how OEMs can strengthen their existing capabilities to prepare now, and take their position in the market ahead.

In the evolving landscape of mobility services there are a lot of open questions about how to monetize services, which offerings are fit for which markets, and the best way to build business models around these new market opportunities—to name but a few. But one thing is for sure: auto executives and OEMs must make smart choices about where and how to play, and truly anticipate what customers need and expect from mobility services.

About the Authors

Axel Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Automotive

Juergen Reers

Managing Director – Global Mobility X Lead

Alexander Huber

Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting Lead Mobility

Daniel Tegtmeyer

Senior Manager – Automotive

Tobias Kruse

Business Design Director – Fjord, Regional


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