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Keeping AI at arm's length

Despite the promise of artificial intelligence, Europe’s managers aren’t yet ready to embrace it.


Over the next few years, artificial intelligence will redefine workplaces across the globe. For instance, managers can expect to shift their attention away from tasks that involve coordination and control to judgment work that focuses on strategy and innovation.

The Accenture Institute for High Performance recently surveyed nearly 1,800 managers and executives across 14 countries to gauge their feelings about the emergence of AI on the job. Unlike their counterparts in the Americas and Asia Pacific, European managers are significantly more cautious about adopting artificial intelligence in their work and reluctant to regard intelligent machines as active partners in the workplace. While AI may initially present challenges for managers, the technology could enable them to reinvent their roles and introduce significant opportunities to create value.

European managers, in particular, would do well to ready themselves to engage with intelligent machines and actively participate in the workforce of the future. Here's where they're lagging behind:


Managers who believe strongly that intelligent systems will help them to work more effectively and focus more on interesting and impactful tasks...

Decision making

Managers who are confident that they will trust the advice of intelligent systems when making business decisions such as investing or hiring in the future...

Performance evaluation

Managers who would be very comfortable with an intelligent system monitoring their work...


Managers who are confident that they will accept responsibility for an intelligent system's actions in the same way as they do with subordinates and co-workers...


Managers who would give up some degree of privacy in order to benefit from the productivity and insights of intelligent systems…


Managers who are very comfortable with an intelligent system observing and learning from their work and applying the knowledge in other settings…


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