ERP Cloud Survey the Netherlands

Read how Accenture and Oracle have recently conducted a joint ERP Cloud Survey in the Netherlands.

According to industry analysts, 84% of the CFOs believe that half of their business transactions will be delivered through the cloud within the next four years. Therefore, cloud is becoming a pervasive force in today’s organizations bringing strategic and competitive advantages. Cloud initiatives within areas such as Human Resources and Customer Experience are leading the way, but organizations are now rapidly turning their attention to their ERP functions.

Cost reduction strategies and quicker implementation lead times are key drivers for taking ERP into the cloud. Recent research from Accenture and Oracle shows that organizations can be plotted onto different stages in their thinking about ERP Cloud. For several organizations the transition to a cloud-based ERP environment is already well on its way. But for those still in the early stages of their thinking around ERP Cloud topics, there is a clear risk of falling behind with the IT industry moving so fast and functionality reaching almost on-par levels of maturity with on-premise applications.

Whatever stage an organization is in, our research shows that the vast majority is still struggling with defining a clear vision on ERP Cloud. More than 65% of respondents indicate that although ERP Cloud is clearly on their mind, they still haven’t decided upon the cloud solution and/or its provider. For these organizations it is recommended to first take a Cloud Readiness Assessment to understand their level of readiness and business case for moving into the cloud. This assessment should ultimately provide the necessary input for a standardized roadmap helping the organization steer their cloud initiatives effectively into the future.


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