Disrupting the digital marketplace with Adobe & Accenture Interactive

Driving business outcomes through digital marketing solutions for the sake of advancing digital transformation


Meeting millennial expectations to win new customers, creating personalized sales experiences and being ready to support customers when, where and how they choose seem to be persistent concerns for 21st century executives.

In today’s modern digital landscape, clients face daily challenges to achieve marketing goals and aspirations due to:

  • Stretched capacity: Regulatory compliance and device proliferation are forcing marketers to deliver more with fixed budgets

  • The battle for talent: Finding the right talent and training for marketers remains a topmost need for organizations

  • Marketing operations: Technology requires new operating models, success metrics, and best practices to keep pace in a global, competitive marketplace

  • Technology proliferation: Digital marketing efforts remain largely fragmented with no single platform across business units

The Adobe and Accenture Joint Initiative is designed to help organizations across Retail Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences and Healthcare industries harness the power of digital to exceed customers’ expectations at every touch point.

“…Organizations demand digital marketing solutions that support their markets, can be rolled out quickly, and help drive specific business outcomes. This requires true collaboration and innovation between services and technology providers—the kind of which Accenture and Adobe can provide.”
Senior Managing Director, Accenture Interactive


The benefits of digital are undeniable, enabling new capabilities across the insurance value chain for optimizing, transforming and creating differentiated products, services and revenue. In the next four years, we expect a shift towards digital channels, with 37 percent of sales acquired through the agent network and 63 percent through digital direct.

And for the large, underserved middle market, developing digital distribution capabilities is an imperative.

Stronger digital engagement will help these firms acquire both new market entrants and competitors’ customers, strengthen their customer relationships, improve retention and cultivate loyalty into advocacy. Beyond these lie additional opportunities to create and market new, innovative insurance products, to improve customer lifetime value and loyalty.

Download Digital Engagement Solutions for Insurance and learn how Insurance organizations can successfully engage their customers in an ever-increasing digital world.

“Born digital” competitors and fast-moving incumbents use digital techniques to attract these new customers, steal competitive share and increase their share of $470 billion worth of annual premiums.

Retail Banking

Traditional retail banks are losing technologically sophisticated consumers to new business models and financial-technology start-ups. These disruptive competitors attract new clients with focused, innovative services, sign them up digitally, and retain them with personalized interactions and targeted product portfolios.

Financial executives’ highest priority is client base growth. Sales goals rise every year—but so does competition from easy-to-adopt niche services that raise consumers’ expectations for banking interactions. Banks need to digitize their own marketing, sales and onboarding processes to compete effectively with these “born digital” market entrants.

Coming soon: Download Customer Acquisition and Personalization Solutions for Retail Banking and discover how to deliver personalized experiences seamlessly across devices, channels and locations.

Life Sciences

Multichannel digital marketing has become the cornerstone of marketing in most consumer industries. But adoption in the Life Sciences industry has been limited by close regulation of patient-facing content, organizations and systems fragmented by product line, and historical reliance on face-to-face sales.

Life Sciences firms must overcome these challenges to capitalize on the advantages that digital customer engagement offers: Acquisition of new customers, satisfying end-to-end experiences for patients, productive partnerships with healthcare providers, and better patient and health economic outcomes.

Download Integrated Multichannel Marketing Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry and learn how to engage your customers and build loyalty with a superior digital presence.

Medical non-adherence accounts for $100-300 billion of avoidable healthcare costs every year. As healthcare moves towards value-driven care and outcomes-based reimbursement, non-adherence will be addressed, enabling companies to differentiate their offerings and increase customer engagement.

Healthcare – Payer/Provider

Regulatory changes and digital technologies are disrupting traditional roles in healthcare markets. Payers are moving into care delivery, providers are introducing insurance products, and robust merger and acquisition activity is creating large-scale hybrid firms. At the same time, expectations of healthcare consumers for payer and provider content, interactions and services are increasingly shaped by digital consumer leaders.

But while multichannel digital marketing has become the cornerstone of marketing in consumer industries, adoption in healthcare has been slow—limited by close regulation of patient-facing content, fragmented organizations and systems, and historical reliance on face-to-face interactions.

Coming soon: Download Integrated Marketing for Healthcare Payers and Providers to discover how you can deploy a multichannel marketing strategy to become the preferred resources for patients and providers.

The Adobe-Accenture Interactive Joint Initiative

The Adobe-Accenture Joint Initiative (JI) was established to help companies out of exactly the kind of impasse these industries find themselves in today. The Joint Initiative expands the decades-long global alliance between Adobe and Accenture, and helps clients achieve new levels of digital marketing performance.

By combining Accenture Interactive’s leading industry strategy and digital experience with Adobe’s best-in-class Marketing Cloud, our goal is to help drive business outcomes for our clients in Financial Services, Insurance, Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Joint Initiative offerings

The Adobe-Accenture partnership has already delivered results for clients across the industry landscape:

  • 80 percent reduction in the cost of delivering brand promotional content to physicians’ mobile devices.

  • 700 percent year-over-year growth in views of product content, and 650 percent in views of website offers.

  • 69 percent growth in new leads across 20 countries, with a 23 percent reduction in cost.


Solutions for Financial Services

The Joint Initiative offers a suite of solutions to our clients in Financial Services leveraging the combined expertise of both companies. This gives marketers in retail banking and insurance the information and tools they need to engage prospects, close sales, fuel growth and retain loyal customers.

Solutions for Retail Banking and Insurance Organizations:

  • Customer Acquisition for Retail Banking

  • Customer Acquisition for P&C Insurance; Life Insurance

  • Customer Activation for Retail Banking

  • Customer Activation for P&C Insurance

Learn more about how these solutions help organizations grow the client base and build a sense of customer loyalty.