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2015 Global Risk Management Study: North American Banking Report

Paths to prosperity

Over the past several years, the risk function in North American banks has converged, with a new set of strategic choices on the horizon.

Respondents to Accenture’s 2015 Global Risk Management study representing North American banks are seeing a number of risk management trends that are shaping the industry.

North American banking survey respondents will need to embrace innovation so they can help the business exploit the potential of new digital technologies and digitally-enabled business models. Read our report to learn how they can become more proactive, and devote less time and talent to fire fighting and operational issues.

Some trends pose challenges, but collectively, these actions spell opportunity for risk management leaders:

  • Risk appetites are on the rise, but in a targeted manner

  • Digital will be essential when it comes to driving growth

  • Digital will introduce new risks to the organization

  • Risk management is a necessary partner in driving digital transformation

  • Analytics is a powerful tool for building better customer experiences