Accenture Foundation

Accenture Foundation

Objective of the Foundation:
The Foundation does not have any purpose to make profit. The aim is to financially support initiatives that directly or indirectly relate to or promote social, charitable, cultural or scientific impact, in the widest meaning.

Focus for the Foundation:
The Accenture Foundation focuses on initiatives that contribute to Accenture’s Skills to Succeed ambitions: to equip 3 million people around the world with the skills to find a job or build a business by 2020.

Examples of impact made:

Refugee Talent Hub Plan International - Netherlands Jinc
With a donation by Accenture of € 20.000 per year, the Refugee Talent Hub is able to match hundreds of refugee talents to meet & greets with potential employers and to provide skill trainings to them. With a pro-bono contribution of 2500 hours per year, our partnership with Plan International Netherlands stimulates girls to gain digital skills and increase opportunities on the labor market. With a donation by Accenture of € 12.000 per year, Jinc can match employees to schools as volunteers, where the employees help children from disadvantaged neighborhoods to build on their employment skills.
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RSIN (Legal persons and partnerships information number / fiscal number)
Policy plan
Strategic plan Accenture Foundation 2020-2025

Names and functions of the administrators:

  • Geert Batterink (Chairman)
  • Judith Blenken Blijdenstein (Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Robert Bark (Supervisory Board)
  • Karianne Kas (Supervisory Board)
  • Paul Bosch van Drakestein (Supervisory Board)
Reward policy
The board does not receive any compensation and/or reimbursement of expenses (as mentioned in the statutes and strategic plan).

Accenture Foundation
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Annual reports
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