CRMWaypoint implements its Cloud CRM Solution with Aegon to improve service to its customers

Salesforce implementation makes that customers are able to understand their financial situation and legal obligations are being complied with

Aegon feels responsible for people’s financial awareness. That is why the organisation helps some forty million customers worldwide with solutions in the field of pensions, insurances and financial management. Aegon develops products that make customers financially confident and independent, while focusing on understandable solutions and an honest dialogue.

Aegon has the ambition to become the most recommended insurance company, offering optimum service to its customers. The system landscape within the organisation was too complex and created bottlenecks with servicing customers. In 2012, an extensive pre-analysis was performed in order to map any possible solutions, on the basis of which Aegon appointed CRMWaypoint as its implementation partner for the layout of the Salesforce Cloud CRM System. In two to three years this so-called Douma program will make a lot of things change within Aegon, with the aim of achieving a customer-oriented company by 2015. The program aims to create a strategic change focusing on the customer and customer contact. The Douma program is sub-divided into various services, the first of it being the Financial Check. This service was given priority, as the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets checks with financial service providers how customers who ever bought a complex product are given aftercare.


“Financial service providers, and insurance companies in particular, always used to be organised as a policy administration firm”, says Robin van den Burg, Managing Director with Aegon Bemiddeling B.V. “Most of the customer contact went through intermediaries. In this Internet era, our customers expect a lot more from the insurance company itself. That is why we are transforming ourselves to a real ‘customer company’, while we work with systems and people who originally had another job. We chose Salesforce as a relation management system with the objective of creating the ideal customer servicing. CRMWaypoint helps translate the Aegon environment to a model which is customer-oriented. The consumer now gets a completely different experience with Aegon, as all contact moments and data are recorded in the Salesforce system.”

Financial Check

In order to allow customers to make their own, informed choice for their future, the Aegon Mediation Division is now using an online self assessment tool giving more than 350,000 customers with investment insurance personalised insight and providing them with an overview. To be able to service this large group of customers within a couple of months, a personal online Financial Check has been developed in which customers can check whether their product still fits in with their financial objectives. Salesforce is used here to invite customers to do the check, to provide insight in all process steps, record the result and then report on it. In addition, any follow-up is also initiated from the Salesforce system.

“If we had not had this solution to help 350,000 customers, we might have needed hundreds of employees to go and see customers and gather and process this information”, Mr Van den Burg continues. “The challenge was to reach all these customers and record their choices. The Salesforce solution and CRMWaypoint made this possible. And CRMWaypoint also allowed for a customised Financial Check that enables us to get closer to the customer – which they appreciate.”

“Customers must be given the opportunity to make their own choices with regard to their financial future”, Mr Van den Burg says. “Many customers started with an investment insurance 10 to 25 years ago. The Financial Check provides these customers insight in the product they bought, enabling them to get a picture of their own situation. By insight and overview, customers can decide whether the product still meets their needs or should be adapted.”

“All steps that are made in the Financial Check are automatically visualised in the Salesforce CRM system. CRMWaypoint set up the entire configuration within the system together with Aegon’s employees. They also implemented the processing within Salesforce”, says Ilse Vermeulen, Process Coordinator Customer Service Financial Advice with Aegon.


“The cooperation with CRMWaypoint went very well”, Ms Vermeulen says. “The consultants of CRMWaypoint joined the Aegon project team in our internal project centre to promote the cooperation. CRMWaypoint’s consultants are very professional, have in-depth knowledge of how Salesforce works and what the solution can do. Moreover, they listened very well to our wishes and translated these to concrete solutions. What was very important and helpful, especially in the beginning, was that CRMWaypoint quickly knew how to translate a number of wishes to demos. This allowed the project team to get a clear (visual) picture of Salesforce, which in particular helped us in the further thought process.”

“I really liked the fact that one was working on a basis of customer relevance and the ‘user story’. From a customer’s and user’s perspective, it was described what the functionalities of Salesforce are, so that we had an understanding of what impact the implementation was going to have on customers and employees. We looked at what the benefits of the system would be for us, and CRMWaypoint then mapped how we could achieve it”, Mr Van den Burg says.

“The difference between the user story and a requirement is that a direct result is described. This also makes that the person who provides a user story is forced to be very concrete and see what is going to work for the organisation. In that way, one only implements what is needed. CRMWaypoint also played a key role in training employees for the Financial Check. They thought along about the way in which we wanted to present it, to make employees really want to use it. For example, the consultants named the advantages of Salesforce and how the set-up went – this helped us a lot”, Ms Vermeulen adds.

Hesdy Hoekstra, Senior Solution Consultant with CRMWaypoint, was closely involved with the implementation path: “What I have experienced as very positive, was the effective way we collaborated. Together with Aegon we created a solution that meets both the customer’s and the advisers’ needs, however, without losing sight of the business goal.”


In a short period, Aegon managed to create relevance for a large group of customers and help them. Eventually, all customers must be visualised using the Salesforce CRM system, and everyone having customer contact is going to work with the solution. Additionally, the Douma program will continue to make sure Salesforce is also going to be deployed for other processes and divisions within Aegon. In this, CRMWaypoint will provide the set-up of the system and coach Aegon employees to work with it.