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Making hyperloop tangible to the public

Dutch hyperloop company Hardt wants future travelers to get a clear idea of what traveling with this new sustainable way of high-speed travel will be like. The goal is, that as soon as the current situation will allow for it, CABIN-1 will be visiting public places throughout Europe. According to Jelte Altena, Project Lead at Hardt Hyperloop, Hardt has been making major progress in developing hyperloop since 2017 and it has proved that it is a very feasible alternative for short-haul flights. However, apart from great images and videos, the hyperloop remains something abstract. Now, with CABIN-1, Hardt aims to make hyperloop more tangible and accessible to the public.

The next step Hardt Hyperloop has to take in the development progress is public adoption! The hyperloop ticks all the boxes and appears to be the best product on paper. But like every new ground-breaking technology, the product must ultimately be embraced by the end-user. And that is perhaps the biggest challenge, to convince all stakeholders, rather than technological development per se.

An immersive experience of hyperloop

The best way to engage people is to let them experience things for themselves. Using the latest technologies to make it tangible, stimulates all senses and presents the end-user with everything important in an interactive narrative, and with that creating a great showcase for future possibilities.

Hardt realized the need to presents its consumers with a fully functional life-size segment of the hyperloop interior, the CABIN-1. Together with Accenture, the physical experience of the vehicle was enriched by using augmented reality. The Microsoft HoloLens 2 experience and iPad Pro app, both created by Accenture, helped transform the cabin model into a full-size vehicle able to provide an immersive experience of what traveling by hyperloop will be like in the year 2028. This physical installation is a cut-out of the interior of the hyperloop with a double seat configuration, eye-catching groundbreaking OLED skylight roof, and an infotainment panel. The iPad experience guides people around the physical installation to explore the hyperloop. The use of model tracking technology enables a highly accurate 3D model in dynamic sceneries and illuminations. The visitor simply points the iPad's camera to the Cabin Experience to physically walk inside the hyperloop in real-life detail. The HoloLens experience is a self-guided 3min experience that lets visitors sit in the Cabin Experience to see the full extended cabin. Plus, once seated, it will be possible to experience a journey into the not-so-distant future of the European Hyperloop transportation network. Hence, the user is able to compare the hyperloop with other means of transport and understand how much faster, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable is the hyperloop as opposed to trains, cars, and planes. The experience finishes when you arrive at the station of the future, after which you can disembark the Cabin Experience.
Together we can imagine a world where distance does not matter. A world where you can live, work and be with everyone and everything you care about.

Discover the future of transport

This digital experience it's like taking a step into the year 2028 to discover the future of transport, as the visitor takes a fictitious, yet possible first hyperloop route from Amsterdam, via Eindhoven and Dusseldorf, to Berlin, a trip that by hyperloop would take just over an hour.

The company believes that the first actual hyperloop route could be realized by 2028. The implementation of a pan-European hyperloop network would greatly enlarge commuting zones, allowing people to live how and where they want, even across borders, while staying within the maximum desired commute of 60 minutes. As soon as safely possible, CABIN-1 will be making its way to events and public places such as public transport hubs. Until then, thanks to the work of Hardt and Accenture, people can explore CABIN-1 and together imagine a world where distance does not matter.

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