Manulife Asia has an ambitious goal: Deliver an unsurpassed insurance and wealth management experience to its customers. Getting ahead of the market requires working in new, agile ways, and Manulife needed to shift its culture and processes to make it work.

Rewiring a business is no easy feat, but the competitive and financial rewards make agile transformation a worthy cause. We were excited to partner with Manulife Asia on this journey and help our client achieve its goal.

Strategy and solution

Enterprise agility enables companies to respond to opportunities and disruption at speed and scale. Accenture works with many financial services firms to enhance their agility by applying agile principles and methodologies across the business, shifting their organizational structure and culture, establishing and maturing capabilities, and fostering learning and innovation. We tailored our approach with Manulife Asia to encourage long-lasting adoption of agile. This involved comprehensive coaching programs and change forums to work through challenges and build skills. Our program was piloted in Hong Kong S.A.R. of China, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines in preparation for scaling agile across Asia.


Agile ways of working helped our client improve productivity and transparency across business and technology teams. This new level of collaboration will encourage innovation and continuous improvement, a sure competitive advantage.


projects were completed under our agile coaching.


people received agile training.

Manulife Asia now has a battle-tested approach for agile transformation, along with assets to scale coaching and collaboration to new teams and new countries. As a flexible, customer-centric organization, Manulife Asia’s customers will also benefit from efficient and innovative experiences.

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