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The future is happening now… Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence are going to redefine the industry. Join Accenture and you will lead the way in delivering truly transformational solutions for our clients, as you help them build on their capabilities to serve customers in innovative and unique ways.


The Heerlen Innovation Center is a multidisciplinary research and incubation hub, where developers, designers, visionaries and makers are doing things that matter for people, places and robots. Located in the heart of a campus environment in Heerlen - the south of the Netherlands - and providing cutting edge business solutions in a connected, state-of-the-art workspace designed for creativity, collaboration and fun.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.


Joining the team will boost your knowledge and skills at a fast pace. We train and enable you; both with technically required skills as well as in your entire personal development. Starting as a Junior Business Automation Analyst or Junior Automation Developer will lay a strong foundation for your career in Tech/IT!
You will work with smart and engaging colleagues, both at a local and international setting, which is revolving around innovation. The latest gadgets, technical developments and information/training will be at your disposal and you will be the first to hear!


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Maxim Lemeer

    Maxim Lemeer

    After I completed my master’s degree in August last year, I was looking to pursue a career in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain at Accenture.

    Why Accenture? The answer to this question derives from my curiosity and interest in the organization in terms of its advanced technological solutions as well as its international opportunities.

    Currently, I am assigned to…

    a large-scale Robotics Process Automation (RPA) project at a Financial Services firm in Brussels. The main goal of the project is to develop and set up virtual robots (or AI Workers) that are able to capture and interpret existing applications to conduct human-like tasks such as manipulating data, processing transactions and communicating with other systems. Since we have been successfully developing/delivering robots, new opportunities arose in which the client desires to implement RPA solutions at entities in other locations. The project enables me to acquire hands-on experience by working with the newest RPA technologies and allows me to strengthen my project management skills as we are applying an agile (Scrum) methodology.

    Additionally, aside from the project that I am working on, I am part of the Center of Excellence (CoE) for RPA in Heerlen. As a member of the CoE, I have been involved in various activities to improve Accenture’s RPA assets and offerings. For instance, I contributed to the RPA training program in which I provided several on-site classroom trainings to different clients across the globe. Because of this opportunity, I traveled to various cities in Germany and South Africa which was obviously a great and unique experience.

    Within a relatively short timeframe of 11 months at Accenture, I have learned and improved a vast number of skills and significantly strengthened and positioned my professional competencies. I am that Accenture truly is an organization with endless opportunities!

Marjolein Pluymaekers

    Marjolein Pluymaekers

    Since I decided that I wanted to reshape my career, Accenture has been my first choice of employer. Even though I have no experience with the hard skills of IT, Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere I got the chance to work for Accenture.

    Currently I work as Robotics Automation Analyst. This type of job was only familiar to me because I saw it on TV or in movies. Despite that, I jumped on the train into… CONTINUE READING

    the unknown and it has been a great journey so far.

    Since day one I am learning new things, I have never known so much on technology as I know now and there is still so much more for me to discover in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The robotics team is a warm welcoming group. All of us have different educational and ethnical backgrounds, yet everybody strives for excellence in its own way. I was frightened at first, but Accenture provided me with all necessary trainings to gain the required knowledge and my colleagues were always there to answer my questions.

    Recently I started my first project, it’s a great adventure. Every day is different and I am learning to be innovative, creative and technical. My colleagues are my biggest source of inspiration; one day I hope to know as much about Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere as they do.


Located in the heart of a campus environment in Heerlen - the south of the Netherlands - enabling us to serve businesses in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. The campus has been skilfully designed to not only meet the demands of todays workforce, but one that can adapt to the needs of tomorrow. The space has been crafted to cultivate innovation with a flexible design that empowers our project teams to build the workspace to meet their project needs.

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