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Industry Solutions & Services


Master Integrated Product Design


I work as a consultant for customers within the Consumer Goods and Services. I help them with change management, training, the user-friendliness of systems, for example the development of functionalities of new systems. Currently, I am working on a project at a large company in the consumer goods, where we are implementing a new software system that will be used worldwide by thousands of people. I help with designing the functionalities of the system and making sure user interface is user-friendly.

Besides my substantive work, I also help organize outings, dinners and events for colleagues.

I run a lot in my spare time. My goal is to be in the top in the Netherlands within a few years. Accenture currently supports me with this, by sponsoring me and letting me spend more time on my training.

Day in my Life

In the morning, I always check my mail and agenda first to see what has been planned for the day. Then I usually take some time to create documents, presentations or drafts. We usually have lunch with colleagues in the canteen. Furthermore I also have several daily meetings, for example, to discuss the current progress of a certain project, to see the new designs with colleagues from India or to meet with clients in order to define if the design is meeting their needs. I usually go home a bit earlier, so I can go running before I have dinner. I train according to the verheul / flexibility method, which means that every day I do a kind of interval training, which is not too intense. Therefore, I can train every day without getting injured. I usually do this with a group, and I also do weekly strength trainings.

Outside the Office

My favourite thing to do in my spare time is running. I usually run through the dunes near my house or on the track to practice interval training. In addition, I usually run in marathons on weekends, either 5 km or a half marathon. Because I work four longer days instead of 5, I have time during the day to practice. Hence, I have time for my other hobbies such as travelling, reading, watching movies and baking pies, cookies and cakes.

My Advice

Follow your ambitions! If you are good at something and you have the drive to make this realistic for yourself, then go for it. At the end of the day, it is the greatest feeling to see your plan being recognised. At Accenture a lot is possible, and in order to get the best out of your time here, you should check whether you are on the right route to achieve your plan.