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Junior Consultant



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area



Master Econometrics and Operations Research

What I Do

I work as a Junior Consultant for the Business Strategy practice. My job is to advise companies which strategy they should adopt and in which direction they should go. Furthermore, I also look for opportunities for our client companies to grow and I assist companies in creating new business segments. I work in different industries, which makes my job very diverse. I'm also a member of the recruitment team for Groningen, which is where I studied as a student and I organize monthly training strategies. Lastly, I am also involved in Accenture’s High Performance Business Research project.

Day in my Life

I start with a cup of coffee and have a brief discussion with the project team regarding our current progress. We are busy preparing a workshop to present our results to the customer. After a short brainstorming session we use the rest of the morning busy to process the final data in our analysis. Then, I have lunch together with my colleagues from Accenture and with the client. In the afternoon, we will discuss the results with a number of foreign experts, in order to have precise data for our workshop. During the day, I make sure I make time to have a call about a workout that I am busy organizing later this week. On Friday afternoons I usually hang out at the office with colleagues to have a weekly get-together.

Outside the Office

In my spare time I like to grab a drink or have dinner with my friends. I love cooking myself, so I enjoy being in the kitchen and preparing something for my friends. My favourite food to cook is Thai food (with lots of peppers). I am also fond of sports and I'm currently training for a big trip in the Swiss Alps. Listening to music is another hobby of mine. I play the piano and like to go to concerts to discover new types of music. I would also like to see as much of the world as possible. Before I started at Accenture I made a long trip to Asia, however I cannot wait to go on holiday again, either for a short or long period of time. Accenture has sent me to the US for a project and for training, so maybe there's a trip on the horizon soon.

My Advice

That you enjoy working with your colleagues is perhaps the most important aspect of any job. So before you decide to work for Accenture, go to recruitment events that are organized by Accenture. There, you can see for yourself whether you feel a click with your potential future colleagues. Or if you know anyone that works here, maybe they can give you a good impression of the company.

It is also important that you know what you are looking for in a job. Working at Accenture means working in a dynamic environment, having a lot of contact with different people, project work and coming across many challenges. There are many young professionals and many parties and get-together are organized for the employees to connect with each other. It is never boring. Does this appeal to you? Then you are definitely at the right place. Meet our people and judge for yourself!