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Manager Human Capital Management Solutions



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


Master in Change Management


I advise clients on HR topics such as Talent Management, Learning, HR Administration and the technology around them, combined with the management of HR system implementations. In addition to my daily job, I act as president and I am also responsible for the affairs of the Works of Accenture Netherlands and I take part in the European Works Council of Accenture.

Day in my Life

Depending on my travel plans that day; my morning starts in the car or on an airplane. If it is in the car I usually listen to BNR so I am up to date with the news of the day. After arriving to the client company (or after boarding), I start going through my incoming mail; there is generally a lot emails coming through, because I do projects with many teams from all over the world, so from each zone I can expect emails.

After processing most of the important emails, I start preparing and hosting several virtual meetings with colleagues from the project team or my own teams to discuss specific problems or to monitor the progress of various projects that may or may not be a part of my responsibility.

I try to get all the important things done by lunchtime. I use my lunch break recharge my energy, so I always take the time to enjoy, or I take a walk outside. After lunch, I check if there are any issues of that require attention and I check my emails again.

I usually have many meetings in the afternoon, or I have coffee with colleagues and clients. I also have a chance to prepare for the following day.

Outside the Office

In my spare time, I love to playing the guitar and cooking for my friends and husband.

My Advice
Never do something just because you think other people will be grateful, do not let that be your motivation to grow and be the best in what you do.

You will spend more time at work than in your private life, "so it better be good".