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Senior Business Process Professional



Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Business Process Delivery


HBO Facility Management


I started as a Business Process Professional at Accenture more than four years ago. Is it an ideal job for starters, because you get to work for different organizations and you learn a lot in a short period of time. After two years, I was promoted to Senior Business Process Professional, which gave me new opportunities and challenges within this field.

Currently I am working on a project at a telecommunications company. It is fun, but also challenging. Our team ensures that everything is going well throughout the process and we are responsible for eliminating the backlog.

It's very challenging and interesting to work for Accenture, because the projects and the work are very diverse. For instance, I have worked for a postal company, another telecommunications company, an oil company, and a cattle company. Each project reflects new opportunities.

Day in my Life

After my daily routine of showering, dressing and eating, I hop in my car and drive to Rotterdam. The A15 is not so fun, but hey, that's the advantage of Accenture; before you know it, you're working on another project closer to home.

When I arriving to the office, my day usually starts to become hectic immediately. There is always something going wrong. Either no access to the customer location, or the materials are not delivered on time. I am currently responsible for the control of orders for a new product from a telecom provider. The service is new, so there is room for improvement throughout the entire process of the processing the orders. Furthermore, every day is different at the office! The challenge is to find a balance in both the structure of the process and the structure in the production.

At the end of the day, I schedule an order quickly then I go and enjoy the evening!

Outside the Office

On weekdays, I like to hangout at home at night. I enjoy having a nice evening on the couch and watching a good movie. I also try and go at least twice a week to the gym with a friend.

On weekends, unfortunately the household chores have to be done. In addition, I also like to drink and eat with friends and family in the pub, attend workshops or enjoy a day of shopping with girlfriends. On Sundays, I usually support my hubby when he is playing hockey.

I also love to go skiing, so we try to plan a ski holiday at least once a year.

My Advice

My experiences at Accenture have been very positive; so I recommend potential Business Process Professionals to just go for it. It is an ideal starting position for an HBO graduate, because there are many projects for different organizations. So you will be able to endure various experiences with different customers, but for one employer. In addition, you can also follow many courses that are interesting and that contribute to your own personal growth and personal development.

My advice: be visible, proactive and clearly state what you want and how you want to achieve that. Your own career counsellor will direct you in this process. Accenture offers a lot, but you must do it yourself!