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Change Management Consultant



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Master of Human Resource Studies


As a management consultant in the field of Change Management, I am typically involved in projects that are designed to carry out changes for the client company. These may be all kinds of changes; it is often related to the use of a new IT system. In a nutshell, I support the project by identifying what the change is and what the consequences are, so the impact analysis. Then I determine who will be affected in the organization by this change and what actions should be set up to ensure that the organization is able to change. Because these usually involve international projects, a plan is conducted for the entire organization and the project. I also make sure that the different locations receive sufficient support throughout the implementation and the change management activities.

Besides projects, there is much more to experience at Accenture. I am very happy when I am working on 'Serious Gaming', which are very interesting interventions that you can use at different times within a project. For example, in order to let people experience what the change will be or which skills are important.

Day in my Life

Every day brings in new challenges! For my current project, which is the implementation of a global system, I work a lot from our own office in Amsterdam. Because the customer is stationed abroad and it is not necessary to be there every day. This means I have a lot of conference calls and I have a lot matters to discuss and present. On the other hand, I have a lot of time to reflect certain issues whilst riding my bike to work.

Usually I visit our locations abroad for a few days to facilitate some meetings and support locations in Change Management activities. These trips are often very intense, as they consist of a lot of meetings and I meet with many people in a short period of time. Luckily, I always tend to make time to have a pleasant outing or dinner with my colleagues! To recap, my job involves many different activities, locations and colleagues!

Outside the Office

I love to work out in my spare time; my goal this year is to get to know my city better. So that means visiting many museums, dining with friends and drinking and enjoying this beautiful city. But I would also like to visit other cities. So when it is possible, I will plan a holiday.

I am also very active in sports. I currently play hockey and I participate in matches/tournaments once a week. Also, I regularly join the company hockey games.

My Advice

Make sure you get to know Accenture. Come and enjoy the atmosphere at one of the many events or house days or have a cup of coffee and talk to us. In this way, you can hear about what consultants really do on a daily basis and you can ask them all your questions!