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Human Capital Lead



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Human Resources




As a Human Capital Lead, I work among the HR Director and Country Managing Director on plans to translate business strategy into HR initiatives and programs. I am responsible for designing and managing the people programs aimed at improving the involvement of our employees, talent management and leadership agenda. We have an enormous amount of great and cool programs, and in this role I want to ensure that all initiatives have a clear vision, and that they are easily accessible for our employees.

Day in my Life

After enjoying an energetic breakfast, I jump on the bike and go to the office. Or if I am working at home, I will start the day with a big mug of tea on my desk. When I begin my day, I usually start with a plan to decide what I want to finish today. Then I use the rest of the morning to perform more complex tasks that I need to concentrate on, such drawing up plans, establishing important communication plans or reading in articles. I am more focused in the morning.

Then we go with a group of colleagues and enjoy our lunch break and sometimes we even go outside to walk a round. After lunch, I often have a number of discussions with co-workers on HR initiatives. Here, I usually ask the input from colleagues in the 'business', or I talk with my foreign colleagues via conference calls to see how we can learn from each other. It is very interesting and It usually gives me a lot of energy! I am also very involved in the Fit @ Work program. We have arranged treadmills and bicycle seats in our office to make sure we can continue exercising while working.

Outside the Office

In my spare time, I like to be outdoors as much as possible. After finishing my degree in Groningen, I moved to Amsterdam and luckily so did many of my college pals too. I love sports such as swimming, running, yoga or tennis, or I plop down in a nice tent for a coffee or wine with a friend to catch up. My friend and I own a sloop together. We often tour the Amsterdam canals in the summer. Last summer, he picked me up a couple of times after work by boat and we sailed throughout the evening. With the bike in the boat and food and drinks on board you have a great day after work.

My Advice

Take initiative and get the most out of this cool company. Do not wait too long, and use the time Accenture gives you to broaden your personal development and make use of abilities you have to grow. Accenture has a lot of cool applications, but you should take the initiative to take part in it.