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Manager Operational Excellence



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Master of Chemistry, University of Utrecht


At Accenture, I usually work on projects within the financial services. I am specialized in cost reduction and process optimization. I solve problems for our customers in terms of complexity reduction, setting up more efficient and customer-centric processes (using Lean Six Sigma), designing and optimizing operational management and coaching managers.

Over the past eight years, I have worked at the largest banks in the Netherlands and I have contributed to lowering operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

In the past, I worked on a transformation program with four colleagues or a life insurance company. This was by far the most interesting project that I have done since I have been working at Accenture. We reduced operating costs by 25%, we made the processes more efficient and adapted operational management. In addition, we supported the management in carrying out the change within the organization. The organization developed the skills to continue to improve operational processes independently.

Currently, I direct operational management at Accenture, and I coach managers in the service of mortgages for a large Dutch bank.

Day in my Life

I normally work at the client site. Most of the time, I am conducting meetings, tailoring a project approach, discussing the progress with customers, managing the project and reviewing client deliverables. The rest of the time I am intrinsically participating in workshops, developing business cases / customer deliverables, implementing process improvements and answering my emails. In the evening, I am usually still on my laptop for an hour at home.

In addition to the project work, I am engaged in other activities such as the further development of our customer propositions, visiting clients and conducting sales calls / pitches.

Outside the Office

I am an enthusiastic sportsman in my spare time. I try to do sports two to three times a week and I cycle or swim in the evenings. My greatest passion is gliding. Most weekends, you can find me at the gliding club.

I love to take long flights of 8 to 10 hours on weekends. Last May, I did my longest flight of almost 1000km. After flying for almost 11 hours, I finally landed during a perfect sunset. It was amazing.

I also enjoy participating in competitions. In 2012 I became 10th in the World Cup in Argentina and this year I will take part in the gliding world championships in Finland. Accenture supports my passion and allows me to combine this with my work, which is fantastic!


My Advice
Use the wide network of knowledge within Accenture, learn from your colleagues, enjoy the energy and drive, and navigate your own career! At Accenture, anything is possible!