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Meet Accenture Thursday

Meet Accenture Thursday

Are you a young woman who wants to get the most out of her career? Do you want to work for a company where they invest in your personal development and do you have a passion for digital and technological innovation?

Come to Meet Accenture Thursday and get to know our inspiring women in the business!

What can you expect?
During the afternoon, you will get to know our open and diverse culture and you will talk with our female colleagues about their Accenture experience. The afternoon will consist of an interactive presentation and a Q&A session with our female consultants!

In short, Meet Accenture Thursday is the perfect way to get to know our company and, more importantly, our people.

Get Inspired!

Young women who are in their last year of university or are relatively new to the employment market. Especially people who are eager to develop themselves in the areas of innovation and technology.

One of the Accenture offices, in Amsterdam (Zuidas), Utrecht or Eindhoven.

Every last Thursday of the month, between 15.00-17.00, including drinks afterward.

What do former attendees say?

3 reasons why you should join us!


If you have a profile on LinkedIn, please share the link for the invitation process for the event and in case of recruitment purposes in the near future.

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In Amsterdam, being able to speak Dutch is a prerequisite.
Any HBO or WO (or international equivalent) will do. What is important to us is your eagerness to learn and develop yourself, specifically with regards to innovation and technology.
Everything will be provided for you. Just make sure you bring your best self!