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Internship Industry X.0 Inspiration Center

Job Location: Eindhoven

Regional Description: Netherlands

Job Number: 00666231


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Disrupt the way the world works by using your skills to transform Accenture clients into the digital businesses of tomorrow. Unleash your talent and bring businesses closer to the people they serve via cutting edge digital solutions developed by you. Leave your digital mark on the world.

Your job

Accenture has opened a great new Industry X.0 Inspiration Center in Eindhoven. This location offers a great opportunity to see new innovative technologies directly applied on real-life business cases in the world of Research & Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and end-to-end business support in these areas. The Inspiration Center is part of a global network of Accenture Innovation Centers ( and is meant to showcase new innovations to our clients in the region. Industry X.0 is Accenture’s answer to the Industry 4.0 digital revolution that is quickly and successfully conquering the industry and transforming traditional business models into a new smart, digital an fully connected ecosystem.    


If you want to be a part of this digital revolution and are looking for a work- or thesis internship at one of the best ranked employers in the world (#1 in The Netherlands in 2016, and #83 Worldwide in 2017) then Accenture has the best options currently on the market! We offer you a full-time internship at the Eindhoven Industry X.0 Inspiration Center on the High Tech Campus where you will be given full freedom to (co-)develop an innovative Industry X.0 prototype or business strategy. If you have a clear vision on a fantastic idea then don’t hesitate to share this with us in your motivation when applying. If you are highly motivated to dive into the world of industry re-imagined but don’t have a very clear internship subject yet, we can support you to find a great match which can be aligned with one of the possible subjects listed below. We are also looking for a great event coordinator at the Eindhoven Inspiration Center that can be the host and central point of contact during events with Accenture colleagues or our clients. So if you love everything digital but don’t have a high tech background, be sure to apply for that position!

Internship Options

At the Inspiration Center we are currently interested in developing the following innovation and strategy based topics, if you are interested in working on one of these topics please mention it in your motivational letter. If you have another fantastic idea that is not listed below but would make a great contribution to the center, please also mention it in your letter.

Innovation & IoT, prototype a Smart solution using sensor data on an industrial process or even developed for the Eindhoven office
Companies are gathering sensor data at an unprecedented rate to bring valuable information to business operators anywhere and anytime. IoT solutions enable all companies to move into the digital age in a scalable cost-efficient way. IoT is the cornerstone for companies to improve their business and industrial processes or to develop new and smart products. Combined with data analytics you can create dashboard and control towers on almost every situation you have in mind.

The Connected Worker, create a digital assistant for the future workforce
The industrial employee of the future needs to have a wealth of knowledge available at its fingertips. Via augmented reality they can have a digital assistant with manuals, blueprint and other instructions readily available.

Digital Twin, create a 3D augmented reality copy of a real-life plant or process
Companies these days need to make important decision faster than ever before and require flexible solutions to support the decision making process. A digital twin is a virtual representation of any real-life manufacturing, quality, maintenance or logistic process. This 3D model can be made with for example Siemens Tecnomatix and subsequently combined with a Microsoft HoloLens or Vuzix Augmented reality smart glasses you can bring the digital twin to life.

Advanced Image Scanning, combine robotics and image analysis to speed up existing testing processes 
The amount of physical tests companies need to take is rapidly expanding, via automated scanning solution which can directly analyze and recognize complex situation and make split-second decisions the amount of tests that can be done on a daily basis can be massively increased. You can develop a solution where robotics and image processing can speed up a process such as spare part sorting, oxidation (rust) growth on industrial hardware or bacterial growth in petri dishes.

Robotic Process Automation, AI is transforming the world as we know it, you can develop an robot that can takes over a business process
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are shaping and evolving the industrial world as we know it. The machines around us become intelligent and repetitive tasks are all being automated. This is more than a trend, it is a different way to think about business processes and how they are solutioned to a completely different digital workforce of the future. 

5G, the next Wireless Revolution, Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) process an unparalleled amount of data that require new solutions
The amount of sensor data in the world is growing exponentially every year.  A single CAV produces up to 4TB of data per day, which is more than 3,000 people combined. With an expected 94 million CAV’s to be sold in 2026 the amount of data generated by autonomous cars will exceed the data generated by the human population. Can you utilize 5G in the Inspiration Center to cope with this data expansion?

Inspiration Center Host
Do you have a passion for hospitality and innovation? We are looking for hosts to help organize, prepare and act as the central point of contact during events with Accenture colleagues and our clients.

Your team

At Accenture Digital, we consider ourselves as the most effective 'digital enablers' around. And with good reason: our work includes pioneering next-level marketing, implementing industry-changing digital transformations and improving business performance using digital technology and data insights.


We collaborate closely with our clients (including some world-famous brand names) to figure out what the possibilities are for their business. Innovating through cloud, mobility, or analytics, our end goal is to design and deliver custom digital solutions that really work in the field – whether that’s online or offline. 

Your background
  • You are nearing completion of your studies at HBO or university and are searching for work experience within your field of interest with future growth possibilities.
  • You have a demonstrable affinity and/or experience with trends and development in the fields of digital technologies and digital business
  • You are a team player; you are professional and precise
  • You speak fluent English and Dutch; both spoken and written
  • You work independently, have a hands-on mentality and take responsibility


Our offer

Accenture is an incredible place to work - and keep learning. By joining us, you’ll become part of a global company with a world-class brand and reputation.  Besides the work we do for our clients, we’re really proud of our vibrant, diverse workplace culture: we believe in openness and honesty, fairness and equality, common sense and realism. We want to get to know the real you and help you explore and grow - whatever it is you're great at. So you will always have lots of learning opportunities (formal and informal) to improve your role-specific skills and expertise.


Besides our high-profile, challenging projects and our nurturing work environment, we offer excellent employee benefits, including:

  • Compensation and a laptop
  • Travel’s allowance
  • Guidance by a team of experienced consultants
  • An active intern-community

Are you ready to join Accenture for a career where you can be yourself and do what you love? Apply now and change the world around you.

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