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About the Digital Talent Factory

Quotes and Tips

How did previous interns experience the Digital Talent Factory?


‘The Digital Talent Factory community can become an awesome group of friends, seize that!’ – Pieter Lenselink (Intern Innovation Accelerator 2016)

‘Write down your goals at the start of your internship, what do you want to get out of it? Check whether you are working towards these goals every month’ – Regine Endtz (Intern Digital Marketing 2016)


‘Your Accenture colleagues are very helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Talk and drink coffee with many people.’ – Gert-Jan Oostenrijk (Thesis intern Data Visualization 2016)

Always stay curious to discover new technologies and think creatively about how to apply them to your own life, to businesses/clients or imagine how they may disrupt the current way of doing business – Regine Endtz (Intern Digital Marketing 2016)



How did previous candidates experience the internship?

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