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Oracle is at the heart of many of the world’s largest organizations. From Infrastructure and Databases to support a company’s network, systems and data, up to a broad selection of applications to support business processes. Oracle’s Cloud solutions provide companies the confidence and agility to meet today’s demands for reliability, flexibility and continuous innovation.

Accenture is Oracle’s biggest and longest partner worldwide, we work together in Innovation Centers around the globe and have a unique partnership in the Accenture Oracle Business Group. The latest technologies and innovations such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning are combined with Oracle solutions to bring our clients the best of the New IT. Join us in shaping our client’s future!

Oracle Applications

Oracle Applications is the home of all the combined Applications oriented people.

If you are or want to become the expert in Oracle Applications in either ERP, CX or HCM (SaaS or on-premise), this is the place to be!

Oracle Technology

Oracle Technology & Systems is the home of all the of all people with a passion for the newest technologies and systems.

We are looking for people with a love for the Oracle Technology stack, are a systems expert or keen on Java development, automation or robotics.

Where We Work

Take a 360° tour!

Take a 360° tour!


Accenture sees Oracle’s technologies driving the future business environment. Just as today, it’s a future in which Oracle solutions and Accenture’s delivery and implementation will be right at the heart of change and innovation.

Instead of being disrupted by technology developments, the big shift is that technology is now adapting to us.

As this gathers momentum, organizations will increasingly be equipped to empower their people and enable them to reach new heights.

Accenture and Oracle are together working to help realize this new symbiosis between people and technology.

This accelerated pace of change is the driving force behind the five trends:

  • AI is the new UI; Experience Above All

  • Ecosystem Power Plays; Beyond Platforms

  • Workforce Marketplace; Invent Your Future

  • Design for Humans; Inspire New Behaviors

  • The Uncharted; Invent New Industries, Set New Standards

For the full view on how Accenture and Oracle are in the forefront of developments, are creating technologies and delivering solutions that put people first. Read Accenture’s Technology Vision for Oracle.



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