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Becoming part of the Innovation Awards Team means making impact in the innovation culture of the Netherlands, together with a team of over 100 consultants and fellow interns. Within the Team, we have different internships available, all with the possibility to graduate.

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The Accenture Innovation Awards is a year-round program with the goal to create an extensive ecosystem to connect all innovators and to drive innovation together. And you can take part in connecting these innovators: startups, corporates, investors and partners!



Emma van der Meulen

    Emma van der Meulen
    Central Team - Open Innovation and Client Value

    As an intern of the Central Scouting Team I got the opportunity to experience what happens in startup-world, while simultaneously see what corporates seek for in the field of innovation. Working with these different parties towards mutually beneficial collaborations and at the same time preparing for the Summit together with the whole AIA team has been a blast!

Kyle Groman

    Kyle Groman
    Central Team – Partnerships

    I recently started to work within the Accenture Innovation Awards, and within the first few weeks I have already been involved in some important decision-making processes, have expanded my network with lots of interesting people and from the beginning on I really felt that I was part of the team. Working here feels like a warm bath and I can't wait to experience what there is more in store for me.

Eline van Vliet

    Eline van Vliet
    Central Team – Marketing & Communication

    My internship is more than I expected in advance and I am enjoying it to the fullest. The team is extremely motivated and we are working all together towards the same goal: The Summit in October. My supervisor gave me the possibility to find out what I am mostly good at and what direction I like to succeed in after graduating.

Charlotte Bos

    Charlotte Bos
    Central Team – Events

    The Innovation Summit 2017 has been an unforgettable experience! My role as Event Planner Analyst, within the Central Team, challenged me to be a more resourceful, solution-oriented and confident person. I can definitely say that Accenture, as predicted, exceeded my expectations!

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