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About internships at the Accenture Innovation Awards

10 years ago Accenture the Netherlands established the Accenture Innovation Awards, a year-round innovation program for the most innovative products, services and concepts. Innovative concepts that deliver exceptional performance and are younger than three years, register and compete for the Innovation Awards program. As an intern /graduate, you will support the central team (Innovation Scouting, Marketing & Communication, Events or the general Central Team) or one of the innovation theme teams that are set up to create breakthroughs in innovation. You will be supported by fellow consultants and gain direct expertise within Accenture.

How did previous interns experience AIA?

"The Innovation Awards will give you a working family where we work hard in order to play hard (the only way to play :) ). I have learned a lot more than I anticipated and made me ready for my next step!" - Saphira Volbeda (Assistant Event Manager – Events, February 2017)


"Besides being around innovation all day and organizing the biggest innovation event in the Netherlands you also get the opportunity to cooperate within different consultancy projects. Your professional skills will improve rapidly and you will get to know Accenture, its consultants, and its activities." - Karin Vintges (Innovation Scout – Smart Industries, February 2017)

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on!” For my time at Accenture, this same feeling applies. If you care about improving the way the world works and lives, don’t hesitate to hop on this rocket ship called Accenture Innovation Awards. Wherever you sit, it’s a great journey and it will get you to your next step in personal and professional development! Work hard, have fun and enjoy the ride!" - Sven van der Wal (Assistant Event Manager – Events, February 2017)


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