What is Industry X

Accenture wants to be a market leader in Engineering and Manufacturing services. For the past years, we have significantly invested to build a multi-billion business globally, including acquisitions of umlaut, Myrtle Consulting Group, ESP, Callisto, TA Cook, and VanBerlo which also serve our clients in the Netherlands. To accelerate our growth and to recognize the ambition we have, we launched Industry X as a dedicated service. This blog post will lead to a sequence of posts that will explain what Industry X is about and the services we offer.​

The seven offerings that you will be able to learn more about in subsequent posts are Engineering and R&D Digitization, Smart Connected Product Design & Development, Product Platform Engineering & Modernization, Product-as-a-Service Enablement, Capital Projects, Production & Operations, and Intelligent Asset Management.​

Our clients across all industries are faced with an accelerating need to evolve their business, to stay relevant, now and in the future. This need for change is driven by changes in customer expectations, new possibilities through technological innovation, and sustainability commitments, just to name a few. It is in this context that we operate as Industry X.​

Typically, our services provide solutions for these client challenges:

    • How do I design and engineer intelligent products and platforms that customers love and that are more profitable?
    • How do I make things and the things we make more sustainably?
    • How do I optimize my multi-site production and operation facilities to deliver productivity improvements that will hit the bottom line as well as provide the agility needed to meet current and future customer demand?
    • How do I ensure safety, privacy, and security without compromising cost?

We are using the power of data and digital, to help our clients re-imagine the products they make and how they make them. Together we help solve our clients' most complex business problems by combining creativity with deep industry, process, and digital engineering & manufacturing expertise and by applying insights from data. We co-create, design, prototype, launch and scale innovative products and services to achieve true business outcomes. We shape the future of making things and the very things we make and do so in close collaboration with our clients.​

For example, Accenture is digitizing factory operations in different industries using Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, intending to improve margins, reduce waste, and enable real-time decision-making based on insights from data. We are working for Consumer Goods companies to implement product life cycle management solutions that digitize R&D processes ultimately accelerating product innovation. We are also working in the High-Tech and Automotive industries developing embedded software and product software solutions for current and next-generation intelligent products.

Around the world, we serve our clients by achieving greater productivity, driving growth, and helping them to meet their sustainability commitments through a suite of seven offerings, across two focus domains: Product Engineering & Servicing and Manufacturing & Operations.

Product Engineering & Servicing

We partner with our clients to envision and invent the future of their end-to-end product journey and to design their next-generation R&D. We architect, design, develop, build and deliver software, hardware, and scalable products in the area of R&D and Engineering. We help our clients transform their organizations to innovate and launch new businesses and products to optimize their return on investment and new product spending to ensure the long-term economic viability of their business.​

In short, we:

    • digitize, optimize and transform our clients‘ traditional R&D and engineering processes and tools that address the entire product lifecycle;
    • design, develop and launch software-enabled devices, equipment, products, and services;
    • architect, develop, scale, and maintain software-based platforms, and the software platform layer that enables and drives the intelligence in devices, equipment, and services;
    • create connected products that deliver new experiences that evolve clients' products as-a-service model.

In this way our services contribute to an increased return on R&D investment, new revenue streams are unlocked and an optimized product portfolio, an accelerated time to market, improved product reliability as well as increased consumer confidence and loyalty through secure and sustainable products.

Manufacturing & Operations

We digitize and optimize. Bringing digital transformation to the core of manufacturing. From front-end engineering design of capital projects to asset commissioning, and an innovation engine to power continuous improvement, we boost delivery certainty and performance through real-time and intelligent project controls, AI-infused engineering, mobile worker solutions, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and digital twins.

For operations execution, we transform production plants, ​assets, and work processes on a global scale to deliver step-change in operational excellence and sustainability. By optimizing, digitizing, connecting, and automating our clients’ operations through integrated solutions, artificial intelligence, IoT, mobility, and platforms that will unlock additional value and productivity within and across production sites. We leverage the power of Industry X to bridge the physical and digital worlds.​

In short, we:

    • digitize & optimize manufacturing sites at scale;
    • transform the way capital projects are planned, managed, and executed; from plant and asset construction, public infrastructure, and power grids to data centers;
    • provide a suite of integrated workforce solutions to drive accelerated workforce decisions, productivity, and safety;
    • deliver robotics-based solutions at scale, that empower the workforce and automate the operation.

By doing that our services contribute to improved capital efficiency, reduced manufacturing costs & positive environmental impact, improved safety, productivity & experience for the industrial worker as well as improved cyber resilience & operational availability.

Stay tuned to learn more about Industry X as part of this series, and connect with Frank Rennings - Lead Industry X BeNeLux to explore further.

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