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The experience economy is both our greatest opportunity and our greatest challenge. As a customer, getting what you want when you want it, has never been easier. At the same time, customers expect—more than ever before—challenging organizations to create and manage better experiences. Continue reading and discover how to make this promise a reality with our experience management whitepaper. 

To win in the experience economy, you have to manage your customer’s experience across all channels. Although you might think you understand and know your competitive edge as a business, the experience of your customers could be the thing that makes the difference and this is where experience management comes in.

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Experience and operational data at the center of XM

Experience management is more than customer relations, it is a capability that focuses on continuously improving the experience of customers based on meaningful insights. These insights are gathered by combining experience and operational data of interactions between the customer and your organization in an iterative manner.

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“By combining both X and 0 data, you can see the cause and effect that your journey is having on customers”

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Operational data (O-data) gives us numerical insights into customer interactions. It looks, on the one hand, at transactions from a business perspective, gathering data in areas like sales and commerce. On the other hand, experience data (X-data) is gathered by capturing human sentiments at key moments in the customer journey. It gives a rich, immediate, and more salient understanding of the quality of an experience. It tells us what gives us what customers are doing and why they are doing it.

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About us

At Accenture Interactive, we’ve partnered with SAP to help organizations develop and implement an end-to-end experience management (XM) capability—a one-stop shop for the optimal customer experience.

Together, we provide the tech solutions leveraged by design and strategy that enable businesses to implement the right experience management process for them.

  • SAP provides an Experience Management Platform that powers the customer experience on all touch points across the entire journey, in collaboration with solutions to enable sales, commerce and service capabilities.
  • Accenture Interactive provides tailored XM services fitting with the needs of each organization with a framework that covers capabilities to design and build experience as well as communicate and run it for continuous improvements. This ensures a customer experience that always fits the ever-changing demands and possibilities of the user, business and technology.
Want to know more?

Are you interested in partnering with Accenture Interactive and SAP to upgrade your customer experience? Let us know if you have any questions about experience management and how to implement this at your organization.

Mehmet Olmez

Managing Director – Accenture Song

Tu Ngo

Senior Manager – Accenture Interactive, Experience Platforms, the Netherlands

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