Winners in the digital age know success comes from more than just completing a checklist of technology. It hinges on people. Keeping up with changing technology is vital. But today, it’s just as important to evolve the organization’s corporate culture.

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Technology Vision 2017: 5 Essential Trends for Human Growth and Intelligent Enterprise

From the battle for talent to the AI revolution, advances in technology are driving change on a global scale. Yet this is not a faceless march of the machines. More than ever, technology serves the people. We are in control, disrupting ourselves and creating a better world. 

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Every year, Accenture's Technology Vision team partners with Accenture Research to pinpoint the emerging IT developments that will have the greatest impact on companies, government agencies, and other organizations in the next three to five years. On January 26 Accenture launched the Technology Vision 2016. It identifies the five top technology trends behind a 'People First' approach that will impact large enterprises in the next 3-5 years and are the hallmarks of tomorrow’s business leaders. The end goal? Integrating change into your organizational DNA through the most effective means possible. Your people.

This year, the central theme focuses on a People First approach that leading companies will need to embrace to win in today’s digital economy. Companies embarking on a digital journey must empower their workforce to continuously learn new skills to do more with technology and generate bigger and better business results.

In the report, we have identified five powerful technology trends that are critical to digital success:

  • Intelligent Automation: Leaders are embracing automation - powered by artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and augmented reality.
  • Liquid Workforce: By exploiting technology to enable workforce transformation, leading companies will create highly adaptable and change-ready environments that are able to meet today’s dynamic digital demands.
  • Platform Economy: Industry leaders are unleashing the power of technology by developing platform-based business models. These models capture new growth opportunities, driving the most profound change in the global macroeconomic environment since the Industrial Revolution.
  • Predictable Disruption: Fast-emerging digital ecosystems are creating the foundation for the next wave of disruption, by straddling markets and blurring industry boundaries.
  • Digital Trust: To gain the trust of individuals, ecosystems and regulators in this new landscape, businesses must focus on digital ethics as a core strategy; better security alone won’t be enough.

The Technology Vision 2016 plays a vital role in reinforcing a leadership position in the technology ecosystem and advancing as a world-class leader in technology and digital services. To learn more about our Technology Vision 2016 you can read the executive summary. Here, you can find a wealth of fresh insights, engaging stories and powerful graphics that bring our trends to life. For a summary in Dutch, see what Emerce wrote about the Technology Vision report. 

In the coming weeks, we will continue to update you on our Technology Vision 2016. Use #TechVision2016 on Twitter to get involved and stay informed. Dig into the materials today and get ready to live the Technology Vision 2016!

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