Robert Bark is a very experienced executive with over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services consulting industry. He supports his clients through innovative solutions in finance, risk, compliance and broader program transformations, both strategic as well as more implementation-oriented.

As a consulting leader, Robert is a trusted advisor in the board room and has an extensive network. He has a proven track record of building businesses and teams through a people and results-focused approach, recognizing people are the most important assets of any professional services firm. His track record extends also into being a strong and dedicated supporter of diversity and inclusion and social enterprise/pro bono work.

His client work focuses mostly on banks and insurers but also includes government and transportation organizations. In his current role as FS leader for Accenture the Netherlands, Robert is responsible for all our services delivered to this industry, ranging from strategy work all the way to outsourcing. His near-term focus is on innovation and rotation to the New: driving the CMO agenda, digital transformations, data and analytics, and functional and regulatory consulting.

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