We believe in building a future of shared success by innovating for social impact. That’s why we foster equality and want to improve opportunities for the communities we work and live in. An example of how we do this is our 10-year partnership with JINC, in which we work together to shape a society in which your background does not determine your future.

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Building a future of shared success with JINC

This is the decade to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity, from the future of work and climate change to equality, human rights, and responsible innovation. It also promises to be the decade of shared success, with people, companies, governments, organizations, and communities coming together to address these important issues.

At Accenture Netherlands, we are making a positive difference every day for our stakeholders—our clients, investors, partners, and suppliers, as well as the communities in which we live and work. One of the community partners we closely work together with is JINC, whose mission resembles our mission to build a future of shared success. We are proud of the work we have done together and know there is still much to do.

Our impact journey

Through the Skills to Succeed mission, we aim to skill youngsters who grow up in a disadvantaged environment to eventually succeed in today’s labor market. In 2015, we set the goal to equip more than 3 million people by 2020 with the skills to get a job or build a business. In 2019, we globally surpassed that mark, having reached nearly 3.6 million people.

Critical to those people’s success is to meet the needs of the current labor market. Therefore, we want to close the skills gap in the digital economy. For us, our partnership with JINC has been fundamental to skill disadvantaged youth and close the skills gap.

Veronne van der Meijs, JINC regional director, said about the partnership: “The huge drive to make a difference for these young children, that’s what connects us. The hands-on mentality, enthusiasm, expertise, and the quick delivery of impactful results are what characterizes the collaboration with Accenture employees. Not only the children benefit from this, but also my teams. We learn by watching how they take on challenges we face and use these skills and knowledge to improve other projects as well. I am looking forward to continuing our collaboration for many more years!”

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To date, more than 400 Accenture colleagues have been working together with JINC’s young talents through projects like Career Coach and ‘Bliksemstage’.  

“I decided to sign up as a Career Coach because I know from first-hand experience that you can’t make all important decisions by yourself,” Gwendolyn van Berkum explains. “Sometimes it is very valuable to have somebody with an outside perspective, to think along and share some insights into how things work ‘in the real world’. Knowing that not everybody has this information being shared at the dinner table, I decided to sign up as a career coach, hoping that I might be able to support others on the bumpy ride of finding out what you would like to do in life.”

For Gwendolyn, a digital business analyst at Accenture Interactive, there’s more to gain than ‘only’ helping others. “And being honest: I signed up to support the students, but I’m also learning from every conversation. Talking to youngsters and talking to them about their lives, ambitions, insecurities but also things they are confident about and proud of just brings a smile to my face. Recently, I did an introduction call with a new counselee who ended up explaining the entire history of England to me!”

Nanette van den Camp facilitated two Bliksemstages to show how we work at our Heerlen office. Through a Bliksemstage, VMBO-students learn more about different sectors and jobs they could potentially work at. This makes it easier for them to choose their next education or internship.

Although the children could not physically visit the Heerlen office due to COVID-19, the children were interested to see what our office looks like and asked many questions. It gave Nanette the chance to share about a topic that really interests her—online security—and engage children’s interest in this topic through an interactive quiz she made. Similar to what we often hear is that Nanette liked organizing the Bliksemstage and would do it again!

Over the course of our longstanding collaboration, more than 6,000 hours have been invested and approximately €150,000 donated to help more than 5,000 children in finding out what their talents are, thereby supporting them in making better future education and career choices. Multiple colleagues have been valued with a ‘best coach of the year award’ nomination. Moreover, our Accenture Corporate Citizenship program was awarded a nomination for the JINC oeuvre award in 2019.

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children have been helped in finding what their talents are, also supported by our donations.

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Closing the skills gap in the digital economy

As our society is increasingly dependent on technology, the labor market is in need of more people equipped with ‘21st-century skills’. Through the Digital Skills project, we inspire children to learn more about programming.

Besides tackling the skills gap by motivating children to consider a technical education, another goal is to increase the chances for them to find a job after graduating. In 2019, we started a pilot in Amsterdam, but this soon resulted in a roll-out to other cities in the Netherlands, making digital skilling an essential part of secondary education in the Netherlands.

In 2020, our ADP pro bono team and JINC started a collaboration to scale up JINC’s newest program on digital skilling. Our joint ambition is to have 40 schools participating in the first year, 60 schools in the second year, and then expand to 80 schools, equal to 160 classes, in the third year. After three years, JINC should have reached around 4,000 pupils per year. The goal of the Amsterdam project is to reach at least half of the school-aged children.

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“Working with JINC on the Digital Skills program has been a great experience! The combination of working on such a relevant and important societal topic, the professionalism of the JINC organization in combination with the skills of our broader Accenture network enabled us to book great progress on the Digital Skills project,“ Victoria Brood, a Strategy & Consulting analyst at Accenture, excitingly states.

“I’m really proud of what we achieved, even during COVID-19 times. The ability to teach the Digital Skills classes at a primary school in Amsterdam was a big highlight during our support to JINC. It was really encouraging and inspirational to see the enthusiasm and motivation of the kids to work on this topic. I’m really looking forward to giving the classes again and I’m sure that JINC will reach its ambition in scaling up the project!”

The plans might be ambitious, but the project is received with great enthusiasm. A grade 6 teacher of the Noordmanschool in Amsterdam confirms: “When I want to teach my pupils math or grammar, it often costs so much effort to engage them, but now they are so enthusiastic and motivated! This is amazing to see.”

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JINC - Digital Skills program (in Dutch)

It's never too early to teach children the importance of digital skills. That's why JINC started the Digital Skills (Digital Vaardigheden) program to introduce them into that industry.

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Protect young children online and teach them about cybersecurity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that online security was a vital subject for school children as they're highly vulnerable online. Meeuwes van Dijk is one of the pro bono consultants who animated two videos. The first video helped to educate both the JINC coaches and the youth on how to safely engage in the Career Coaching project online, while the second video explained cyber awareness to the children with practical do’s and don’ts. That's how the school children learned to use the internet in a safe way.

"My personal experience with JINC is super positive. They communicate clearly and laid back and gave me the freedom to get creative on each project. When problems arose during the pro bono collaboration, these were fixed quickly and I felt very heard and valued. I learned from the practical attitude towards challenges and take this lesson with me to all of my other projects now. Thank you JINC!" – Meeuwes van Dijk

Our SDG Ambition

We've partnered with the United Nations Global Compact and SAP in the SDG Ambition to help businesses achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). That's why we link all our partnerships and corporate citizenship activities to the UN SDGs. 

In line with SDG 4, we strive toward inclusive education with an eye for vulnerable youth, so that they can all finish school. Each child should have equal access to all levels of education, to match their ambition when entering the labor market (with the job application training). We also want to increase the number of children with relevant technical skills (Digitale Vaardigheden).

As many children in disadvantaged neighborhoods grow up without many role models and without sufficient support in choosing the right level of education or specialization, we join forces with JINC to advance educational opportunities among those children (Carrière Coaching, Bliksemstage).

This matches our Skills to Succeed mission.

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Are you interested in setting up a partnership program or have any other questions about our corporate citizenship activities? Feel free to reach out to Laura van den Hurk!

Of course, this is not our only great partnership. Find out more about our other partnerships, and our other responsible business activities

Laura van den Hurk

Associate Manager – Accenture, Corporate Social & Sustainable Responsibility Lead, the Netherlands

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