Accenture Cloud First Applications started 2016 with some very good news announcing the acquisition of CRMWaypoint. We're very excited about having more Salesforce experts as colleagues.

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An exciting start for the year 2016

Having been established in 2006 with an exclusive focus on CRM implementations, CRMWaypoint became one of the first official implementation partners for in the Dutch market. For those of you who are not familiar with Salesforce, it is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It offers a complete integrated solution for managing all interactions with customers and prospects, designed to help organizations grow and succeed.

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We're very excited about having more Salesforce experts as colleagues. It will provide a greater momentum for promoting our world-class Salesforce practice. We already noticed how the consultants from both companies complement each other and benefit from each other’s Salesforce and industry experiences. For example, we fused together Accenture and CRMWaypoint’s approach for a workshop and it was evident that the clients saw the added value of consultants from Accenture and CRMWaypoint working together. Not just that, the clients left the meeting room with a smile on their face!

We feel the acquisition will boost Accenture’s Salesforce capabilities as well as Accenture’s Cloud First Agenda. In the recent past, Accenture has acquired cloud services leaders such as Tquila (UK), Cloud Sherpas (UK, US, ANZ, India and Philippines) and ClientHouse (Germany). All these developments pave the way to our goal to be the leader in Cloud and Salesforce domain. This acquisition will not just increase Accenture’s market share, but will also have a positive impact on Accenture-Salesforce partnership as the acquisition will unlock the synergy between Salesforce’s two most successful partners: Accenture and CRMWaypoint.

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We’ve reached a tipping point in cloud

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During the acquisition announcement by Peter van Tilburg, former Managing Director of Accenture Cloud First Applications in the Netherlands, he pointed out that the acquisition creates a solid foundation to grow beyond CRM and Digital domains. Meaning, we will broaden our focus on Cloud by delivering cloud services in many areas. Some of those areas and supporting tools are: Human Capital Management using Workday; Platform or Infrastructure as a Service using Google; and Enterprise Resource Planning using NetSuite.

Entering the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) market

CRMWaypoint has been serving clients both in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprise market segments. From my past experiences, I have seen that SMEs often tend to be more willing to adopt IT innovations – especially Cloud related – in order to achieve faster and better business results. 

Through this acquisition Accenture can now venture into the top tier of the SME market. This will provide Accenture with additional opportunities to expand their client base further, across a wide spectrum of industries. It also presents us, employees, with opportunities to work on both smaller and larger engagements in different client segments and enrich our Salesforce and industry expertise further. In recent years, CRMWayPoint has been expanding its client portfolio especially in the large enterprise segment at clients such as Aegon, Menzis and many others.


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Introducing a comprehensive solution for Salesforce support

In a constantly changing world, maintaining your Salesforce implementation can be a daunting task. That’s why Accenture has established its Salesforce Center of Excellence in Heerlen. Here, a dedicated team of certified Salesforce experts is ready to help tackle any challenge you might encounter.

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Accenture's cloud and Salesforce capabilities

It is exciting to be a part of the Accenture Cloud First Applications team which is one of the fastest growing business groups within Accenture. Our team consists of experienced and certified Salesforce professionals who can help our clients with cloud application implementation, integration and management services. Our team is now the largest Salesforce practice in the Netherlands.

With clients demanding more cloud applications to transform business processes, data, security, infrastructure and applications - we’ve reached a tipping point in cloud. Accenture’s Cloud First agenda is changing the game by offering cloud services to help clients move their businesses to the cloud and achieve meaningful business results. At Accenture, we call this having a Cloud First strategy. The cloud is THE starting point when you think about business and IT solutions.

We recommend you to watch the video above. It highlights some of the key things cloud can do for your organization such as extreme time and cost reduction.

Our global experience is captured in our Salesforce assets and tools. All supporting tools of our methodology are proven in numerous Salesforce transformation programs. This set of intelligent and agile tools help you maximize business value with speed and efficiency. For example:

  • Our proprietary delivery toolkit organizes the processes used to deliver and maintain many of the world’s largest and best-in-class implementations. The toolkit establishes a PMO (Project Management Office) on the Salesforce platform so it is visible and transparent to everybody in the project team. It can be customized to meet unique client needs and manage requests from inception through deployment.
  • Our implementation approach involves iteratively designing and developing together with our client with frequent, interactive and live demonstrations of the Salesforce implementation. This helps visualizing the solution and begin to realize value from the early stages of the project/program and unifying thoughts from different stakeholder groups.

Accenture combines business and technology leadership with industry expertise and a global delivery network. Our aim as the Accenture Cloud First Applications team is to leverage our organization’s strengths and help our customers at every stage of their journey into the cloud.

Accenture + CRMWaypoint = Success

Accenture's leadership team is breathing more confidence into its people and their message is clear that we are the new breed of consultants who are redefining the IT landscape of our clients with our unique skills in Cloud implementation and advisory services. We should all be proud of it!

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