Gijs is a Scrum Master and Agile Choach at Accenture - Solutions IQ. As such, he has organized numerous training courses in the domains of agility and Scrum and has helped numerous agile transformation projects, coaching groups of all sizes to help reach the next level in their Agile journey.

Having been active within several industries, ranging from telecommunications and government to resources, Gijs has experience in a large variety of development languages and testing, automation and integration tools.

He is also experienced in providing courses in negotiation, presenting and multilateral diplomacy. His broad range of expertise on topics from software development to business agility means that he can approach subjects from many different angles and understand people with diverse backgrounds. 

Being a strong communicator, Gijs easily adapts to new environments and cultures. He is a problem-solver, pro-active, enthusiastic and thrives most when he can excite people by putting thoughts into action. With a particular passion for games and as a self-proclaimed 'nerd', Gijs loves playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and family in his free time.

What you might now know about him is that he has won five consecutive editions of the Dutch TV show That’s the Question. Also, if you have any questions about galaxies, stars and planets feel free to approach him - he has a Master's degree in astrophysics!

Gijs van Malsen

Business Agility Team Coach – Accenture, SolutionsIQ

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