Florentine is an Agile Coach and trainer at Accenture - Solutions IQ. With over 20 years of coaching experience, she has worked nationally as well as internationally as a coach.

With her a strong sense of interpersonal skills, Florentine is able to empower her clients to flourish and get in touch with their own sense of strength and internal value. Everything she does stems from the belief that people need to be activated, taught and coached from the space they reside in today, taking into account every person's unique learning journey.

Florentine's passion for learning has enabled her to become a leader in the world of Agile SCRUM & awareness training, allowing for original methodologies to emerge and providing her colleagues and customers with new and innovative ways to approach complex issues. 

She also has a strong professional and academic background in psychology, didactics and sport management, as well as pedagogy and project management. She has continuously delivered successful end-to-end projects within Accenture to clients, as a lecturer (HVA) as well as in the voluntary sector. 

If you are working in an agile environment or will do so in the future and you would like to play with LEGO just give her a call!

Florentine Lanting-Voorneman

Agile Coach and Trainer – Accenture, SolutionsIQ

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