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Digital Asset Management for the media and entertainment industry

Our Digital Asset Management solution enables companies with rich media to manage assets through multiple channels.


Accenture’s fully integrated Digital Asset Management solution enables companies with rich media—everything from video, music, photos and images to film and audio clips—to create, manage, archive and re-purpose assets through multiple channels to drive new revenue streams and realize operational efficiencies.

The solution involves workflow re-design, enterprise software and technological support for multiple video and audio formats.

Entertainment studios, broadcasters and post-production houses can use the Digital Asset Management solution and benefit from the ability to:

  • Preserve and re-use digital assets for future use.

  • Facilitate centralized access to content across the enterprise.

  • Improve workflow.

  • Minimize time-to-market.

  • Enhance business decisions

  • Identify and leverage new business models.

Among the revenue-generating benefits that the solution can bring to organizations are enhanced merchandising and licensing opportunities, new markets for existing digital assets, expansion into new digital channels, increased market share and revenue through shorter production and distribution cycles and improved customer retention and acquisition.

Why Accenture

What makes Accenture different in delivering Digital Asset Management solutions?

  • Dedicated media and entertainment business and technology team, experienced in executing broad strategies for managing and distributing increasingly complex digital content over multiple platforms.

  • End-to-end capabilities throughout the digital content value chain, from content creation, management, packaging and distribution through consumption.

  • Leading workflow re-engineering and consulting services.

  • Flexible implementation approach that helps to contain costs and reduce delivery and operational risk. We use the Accenture Strategic Delivery Model which consists of a global network of more than 40 integrated delivery centers, leveraging over 8,000 people in 20 countries and is a comprehensive, integrated method of leveraging worldwide resources to deliver services and solutions to our clients.