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Digital Diagnostic

More than financial metrics to check the health of your digital strategy.


Are you ready to ‘Go Digital’? Business leaders today hear a myriad of value propositions for digital transformation. But, where to start and how can be daunting. A Digital Diagnostic can help companies determine the digital readiness of their enterprise and help identify the right areas to focus on when building their digital strategy. It can also be used to determine digital opportunities that may or may not exist in several key areas of the business: Customer experience, Operations, Organization, Technology and Business Models.

This process can help clients understand what threats and opportunities digital might pose to the business and to what degree. It can also help organizations get a better view of where their opportunities and threats are coming from and what strategy and actions are needed within their organization to build competitive advantage in a quickly evolving digital business environment. This diagnostic can be applied to any industry.

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Why Accenture

Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to leverage digital disruption for growth. We work with clients across all industries in all parts of the world to help them identify what digital opportunities exist and how they can tap into value.

Accenture brings a unique combination of industry experience and functional knowledge to help organizations adapt to and adopt new digital practices that can generate new growth.

55 percent do not yet have an enterprise-level digital strategy to support their corporate strategy, and many of those that do have a strategy are uncertain that they have the right one

Specific Services

Digital Diagnostic is one of four Digital Strategy offerings we leverage to help our clients deliver growth and efficiency through digital opportunities. Read more about our other three offerings:

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