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Driving profitable growth in the front office

Helping businesses stay focused on their customers with innovative and effective approaches to the front office.


In a post-recession world, chief marketing officers (CMOs), chief sales officers (CSOs), chief customer service officers (CCSO) and all executives in the front office charged with revenue generation face more challenges than ever as they lead their organizations toward growth and profitability.

Our Customer Insights & Growth Strategy team can help your company acquire, develop and retain more profitable customer relationships through our broad range of capabilities that address every aspect of the customer experience. We can help you accelerate growth, improve marketing and sales strategies and reduce customer care costs to increase the value of your customer relationships and enhance the economic value of your brand.

Digital disruption has caused a steady erosion of customer loyalty despite companies' customer retention efforts.

Consumers continuously evaluate providers and have become nonstop customers. Accenture's 10th annual Global Consumer Pulse Research demonstrates that the tangible result of these nonstop customers is a growing "switching economy" that accounts for an estimated $6.2 trillion in revenue opportunity for providers across 17 key markets today—up 26 percent, from $4.9 trillion, in 2010.

To tap into new revenue growth potential, companies must adopt new customer centric practices, including offering an integrated customer experience across digital and analog channels to meet customers' preferences.

Why Accenture

Accenture Customer Strategy is uniquely positioned to help our clients capitalize on new opportunities, while minimizing their risk. We draw upon our strengths to benefit our clients:

  • Accenture Strategy sets the tone for the customer agenda and is delivered by our growth platforms. This creates “Strategy that’s not just informed by technology but powered by it”.

  • We have unparalleled depth across industries. We understand our client’s industries and the trends and we use this understanding and global network to bring innovation from across multiple industries from all parts of the world.

  • Accenture’s breath of digital capabilities helps clients to migrate their businesses into a digital world, while continuing to improve traditional capabilities. This is particularly important as traditional companies find their markets disrupted by new, digitally-led entrants. We can help companies look beyond simply using digital to create greater efficiencies and, instead, use it to drive profitable growth

Specific Services

Sales Strategy and Transformation: Accenture's Sales Strategy and Transformation team helps sales executives improve sales performance by realigning strategic resources, harnessing sales talent and operating capabilities. We help increase sales revenue and sales productivity, by optimizing and aligning every element of high-performance selling, including sales strategy, sales enablement, workforce management and technology.

Customer Service Strategy and Transformation: Our Customer Service Strategy and Transformation team helps organizations enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing operating costs, by designing and managing a differentiated and optimized customer experience, integrated across the full spectrum of interaction channels.

Pricing and Commercial Strategy: Our suite of road-tested Pricing and Commercial services can help executives increase profitability in addition to revenue growth by building, implementing and sustaining advanced pricing strategies, capabilities and analytics.

Marketing Strategy and Transformation: Our marketing strategy and transformation team provides leading edge marketing strategy across the digital and physical customer experience to drive profitable growth.