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Ensure customer trust
Accenture webscale services


How urgently are you earning trust?

Trust is rapidly gaining importance to digital businesses. Recent research shows that more than three-fourths of executives consider trust in the use of the cloud an important or leading priority.

69 percent of Americans have chosen to not use or not create an account with an online service because of concerns regarding how personal information will be used. Our level of trust in a company is a key determinant of whether or not we will use its platform.

Accenture services for ensuring trust

Accenture provides a range of advisory services to help companies across the trust spectrum:

  • USER TRUST. We provide insight into how platforms are trusted by users worldwide. We can help companies change the trust equation into a positive network effect leading to higher user bases.
  • FRAUD, SECURITY AND PRIVACY. Our fraud, security, and privacy services include strategy and risk, cyber defense, digital identity, application security and managed security services.
  • INCLUSION, DIVERSITY, ACCESSIBILITY, SUSTAINABILITY. We provide services to assess how companies score across the inclusion and diversity and sustainability spectrums with their own employees, and how accessible their product is to its users.
  • COMPLIANCE. We help companies achieve their regulatory obligations worldwide by assessing readiness and providing response and scaled operations services such as for GDPR data erasure and other requirement-fulfillment services.

Whether you need a product or service strategy, rapid mobilization, a means to break your current cost to serve trajectory or to outsource components of a process, explore more in this brochure about Accenture’s Webscale Services for Trust.