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Power generation: Meet the new digital field worker

Digital technologies hold tremendous possibilities for power generators looking to improve performance and reduce costs.


One of the most comprehensive digital solutions that holds particular promise for power generators targets the performance and productivity of field personnel and others involved in work management. Known as an Electronic Work Package (EWP), the solution uses advances in mobile technologies to transition craft plant employees to become knowledge plant workers who can drive operational efficiencies that, until now, have been inaccessible and unrealized.




Digital technologies that were, just a few years ago, considered experimental have become the lifeblood of successful companies around the world. In the power-generation field, however, the adoption of digital technologies to improve worker productivity has been slow.

With increasing competition and falling margins, generators have no choice but to streamline operations, free up capital and boost workforce productivity. One way generators can start addressing these goals is by improving their data management capabilities. With better data accuracy and streamlined approaches to how they access, analyze and share information, leaders can make smarter decisions that will ultimately drive margin and performance improvements.

With many other examples of how digital technologies can be used to make information actionable, there is no longer a question about whether mobile and big data solutions can deliver value to the sector. The question now is about placing the right bets to extract as much value as possible.

Key Findings

At its core, the Electronic Work Package (EWP) introduces cutting-edge technologies that enable power generators to completely transform the areas of work management, operational execution, and preventive and corrective maintenance.

Electronic work packages have the potential to transform the end-to-end work cycle and the productivity of the hundreds of individuals involved—from planners and schedulers to plant workers to those responsible for data entry and reporting.

Power generators are now on the cusp of a transformation. The digital field plant worker is simply the first manifestation of the many opportunities that will ultimately be available for the digital utility to transform for value and growth.