How digital is your workforce?

A deeper understanding of the digital skills of workers across industries can help promote growth even in the most advanced economies.


Some 22 percent of the world economy can be considered digital, with this share of economic output deriving from broad inputs such as digital skills and technologies. Many businesses and governments, however, could increase overall productivity and growth by making their digital investments more effective.

As part of research shared at the 2016 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Accenture and Oxford Economics analyzed 11 of the world’s most advanced economies across 13 industry sectors. The goal? To explore the ways in which digital creates value and identify possibilities for improvement and optimization. ​ Business leaders and policy makers must take a smarter, more strategic approach toward maximizing their investments, particularly in digital skills, where—depending on the industry—information, communication and technology expertise has become integral to many jobs. Before they can recalibrate their approach, though, leaders must develop a clear understanding of the extent to which digital is truly part of their workforce. Below, explore our findings on the digital skills of workers across the globe.​

Interactive Results

Proportion of the workforce that is digital, by country and industry


Percentage of overall workforce that is digital

Natural Resources

Consumer Goods and Services

Chemicals and Refined Petroleum

Auto, Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure and Transport (AIIT)

Electronics and High-Tech




Financial Services

Real Estate

Business Services




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