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Five trends set to disrupt your organization

The Fjord Trends 2016 report reveals the fundamental shifts in design and innovation that will shape the way you do business.


Gone are the days when design was just about beautiful graphics and typography. Today, leading organizations have a design-centric view, deeply ingrained in their business models, product offerings and customer service experiences. The 2016 Annual Trends report from Fjord, Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive, spotlights some of the year’s most significant developments. Here are five ideas that could transform your business.


Listening technology—from fitness trackers to smart devices in our homes—allows us to act on any impulse at any time. This has tremendous implications for brands: Each micromoment of focused consumer activity captured by technology is an opportunity for brands to shape habits like never before.

What to look for:
Artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to further push the boundaries of intelligence and design. Cognitive technology, used by IBM’s Watson, for instance, relies on natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. This platform promises to be the next wave of digital disruption.

An insight to act on:
Be first or be non-existent,
but choose the right partner to distribute your service or product.


Companies must design and innovate for their most important asset: employees. The disconnect between delightful consumer-facing software and clunky workplace tools is stark for employees, and companies need to reimagine internal digital services and touchpoints.

What to look for:
Within the decade, AI will play a huge part in our workflow, enabling us to focus on uniquely human tasks, like creative decision making.

An insight to act on:
Empower your people
by allowing them to become trusted thought leaders who can make important decisions autonomously.


We are in the midst of the atomization of apps, where products and services work across platforms and third-party services. Think Spotify. The music sharing service—delivered through branded partnerships—follows people wherever they want to listen.

What to look for:
Today, technologies and services can intersect and interact with each other autonomously and independent of hand-held devices. That means companies can design for people’s needs, focusing on interactions (“points of X”) instead of transactions.

An insight to act on:
Think outside the screen
to find entry points for critical services rather than an app for everything.


Governments are embracing digital and using its full potential to improve how they serve their people. This is the year when technology will serve the public good and enable a new breed of citizenship.

What to look for:
Established, democratic governments will focus more on the quality of the design output and allow for citizen-centric holistic solutions. Nascent democracies like Dubai and Singapore are expected to make more radical statements with technology.

An insight to act on:
Be sensitive
by bringing humanity back to interactions with citizens.


Simplicity wins in an era of all-you-can-choose, where people are inundated with options. Making choices easy will win your customers’ trust and business.

What to look for:
Shortening the purchase process (consider Amazon’s Dash Button) and offering expertly curated box subscriptions driven by data will delight consumers and simplify their lives.

An insight to act on:
Use diverse interaction paradigms,
like gestural, environmental or ambient interactions, to replace the traditional push/pull interactions that typically require the user’s attention and decision-making ability.


Read more about the biggest trends in design and innovation in the Fjord Trends 2016 report.

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