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Opportunity knocks: The digital promise of cross-sector collaboration

Collaboration between the public and non-profit sectors on the one hand and the private sector on the other is changing, thanks largely to digital technology.

“Digital” (social media, analytics, mobile and cloud computing) has made it easier for companies to enter new industries and to collaborate with non-traditional partners. In a survey of 500 business leaders around the world, one-third is planning to pursue growth opportunities in—or in collaboration with—the public and non-profit sectors. Business leaders are knocking on the door. Are public agencies and non-profits ready to answer?

Read the original blog post, Opportunity Knocks: The Digital Promise of Cross-Sector Collaboration on the Collaborate blog.

Tim Cooper, Archie Maitland and Matthew Robinson authored the post. Tim Cooper is a senior research manager at the Accenture Institute for High Performance, where Archie Maitland is a research associate and Matthew Robinson is managing director of policy research.