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IDC names Accenture a leader in Worldwide SAP ® Implementation Services Ecosystem


IDC analysis and buyer perception
International Data Corporation (IDC) is one of the top global providers of market intelligence, advisory services and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. IDC analysts surveyed SAP services buyers in an effort to provide an accurate and consistent assessment of each vendor’s characteristics, behavior, and capability.

The report, IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SAP Implementation Services Ecosystem 2016 Vendor Assessment, reflects IDC analysts assessments on vendor capabilities and strategy.

According to IDC analysis and buyer perception, Accenture is an IDC MarketScape Leader for SAP implementation services ecosystem worldwide. “We see this as confirmation of our leading strategies and capabilities in SAP,” said Christophe Mouille, senior managing director of SAP business, Accenture.

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“We see this as confirmation of our leading strategies and capabilities in SAP.”


Senior Managing Director of SAP business, Accenture


Our Strengths

We’re one of largest systems integrators in the SAP implementation services ecosystem, in terms of both revenue and resources dedicated to the practice. We offer the full range of services, from advisory and process consulting to fully integrated and full-stack as-a-service solutions.

We have clients spanning multiple lines of business, and we offer a broad set of solutions across both the traditional and emerging technology areas such as SAP S/4HANA, analytics, mobility and cloud.

Furthermore, IDC said our high velocity enterprise approach and industry digital road maps guide continuous investments in innovation, capability and asset development.

Through these, we help clients move at speed to capture the transformational power of digital and SAP S/4HANA in their industry and across multiple areas of their business.

Buyers rated us highly for leveraging resources globally, providing technical insights and competence, and meeting the project timeline. IDC also rated us highly in terms of customer service strategy, marketing strategy and cost management strategy.


© Copyright IDC, IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SAP Implementation Services Ecosystem 2016 Vendor Assessment, by Ali Zaidi and Gard Little, April 2016, Doc#US40150416.

ABOUT IDC MarketScape

The IDC MarketScape vendor analysis model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of ICT (information and communications technology) suppliers in a given market.

The research methodology utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that results in a single graphical illustration of each vendor’s position within a given market.

The Capabilities score measures vendor product, go-to-market and business execution in the short term. The Strategy score measures alignment of vendor strategies with customer requirements in a three- to five-year timeframe. Vendor market share is represented by the size of the circles. Vendor year-over-year growth rate relative to the given market is indicated by a plus, neutral or minus next to the vendor name.