Accenture and Oracle: Leading the IoT revolution

The Internet of Things is rapidly moving from concept to reality, as companies see its value to improve business performance.​


While the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, leading enterprises are uncovering opportunities to use highly-connected devices to give customers what they want: Not more products or services, but more meaningful outcomes.

As a leader in cloud, data storage, analytics, security and the language of devices, Oracle is already working to create an end-to-end approach to IoT. As Oracle’s No. 1 systems integrator globally, Accenture leads in Oracle-based offerings, tools, accelerators and delivery. Find out how Accenture and Oracle are combining their strengths to help companies accelerate their IoT adoption and become drivers of the IoT revolution.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly moving from concept to reality, as companies see the value of connecting a range of sensors, devices and equipment to the network, and using the resulting data to improve business performance.

Today, Oracle is working to create comprehensive IoT solutions. The company already has many key strengths that lend themselves to an end-to-end approach to IoT—more, perhaps, than any other technology company. Accenture complements Oracle’s IoT efforts in several ways. To help organizations accelerate the journey to IoT, Accenture and Oracle have developed a joint IoT reference architecture. This builds on Accenture’s base architecture for IoT, combining it with the Oracle IoT Cloud Service and PaaS/SaaS capabilities.

Key Findings

IoT promises to bring fundamental change to business. While there are no standard approaches for moving forward, companies can prepare for IoT by asking themselves a number of key questions:

  • What is our near-term strategy and our long-term strategy for taking advantage of IoT?

  • What IoT use cases should we target to achieve quick results—and learn more?

  • How can we best leverage our Oracle technology for IoT?

  • What potential barriers will we need to overcome as we move to IoT?

  • How will we manage disruption in the business?

  • What IoT standards and platforms will emerge in our industry?

  • How will the shift to an outcome-based business model transform our industry and overall business strategy?

By answering these types of questions—and understanding how Oracle technology can play a key role in their efforts—companies can be ready to take advantage of IoT, and use it to achieve solid business results and improve performance.