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How to get smarter with the Reference Design Kit

Insights and practical use cases

RDK is a standardized software stack, with both video (RDKV) and broadband (RDK-B) iterations. Its architecture allows device software to be controlled by the operator, increasing the speed with which new features and technologies are developed and adopted. RDK firmware can also be deployed to devices that are already installed in the customer's home or business.

Accenture has developed an advanced analytics framework for RDK, leveraging leading data ingestion, analytical and visualization platforms, combined with analytic models derived from our many engagements in CPE development, and field installation and repair. This framework is designed to enhance native RDK data, to address commonly occurring issues in the product management lifecycle. The result is faster diagnosis of root cause service issues, data-driven prioritization of high cost errors and decrease in firmware related customer service calls.

This primer covers three use cases, based on our experience of working with the RDK code base.