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CIMdata commentary: Digital PLM

Accenture unveils the digital product development framework


Getting relevant products to market, faster and at the right price, is the key to competitive advantage in today’s complex global economy. At the same time, increased product complexity is a given, and many companies find it hard to balance cost pressures and customer needs.

Accenture believes that product lifecycle management (PLM) is at a point of inflection and discontinuity. Traditional product value chains used to be linear - now they are evolving to fast-moving product development value networks. Digital enablers and new technology paradigms have become part of the product development and lifecycle management process, utilizing big product data and digital infrastructures. As customers use digital to change the way they interact with products, companies are looking for ways to use digital to develop them. This also creates new opportunities for the enterprise to transform operating models and develop new revenue streams.

Accenture’s Digital PLM Network enables companies to improve business performance by leveraging state of the art technology across the enterprise and applying new and more interconnected processes. Read more about how companies can embrace the Digital PLM advantages in CIMdata’s commentary.

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