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Accenture Life Sciences
And Accenture Health 2016-2017

bringing together startups, life sciences companies and healthcare organizations to tackle the world’s biggest health issues.


Startup Applications from the US, Europe, Canada, India And Africa

US 57% Chart
Europe 32% Chart
Asia 5% Chart
Africa 5% Chart
South America 1% Chart


Expert Application Reviews


Life Science and Health Industry Judges


Start Ups Selected to Compete

in regional rounds London and New York


Regional Round Finalists

compete at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco to >400 VCs, entrepreneurs and industry leaders


Innovation Champion Selected


Built the First Real-Time Wireless

injection device and the first cloud platform for connected drug delivery devices

Top Innovators

Captureproof and UE Life Sciences

Learn more about how you can become an innovation champion

Accenture Healthtech Innovation Challenge Finalists

A Sampling of Past Judges