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Our Women’s Programs enable and empower women to thrive in their careers


Accenture's commitment to attracting, retaining and advancing the women who work with us is critical to being a high-performance business and supports our broad commitment to an inclusive and diverse workplace.

In March 2012, we introduced a new global women’s theme—Defining success. Your way.—because we know that the success of our more than 150,000 women around the globe is key to Accenture’s success and we are committed to supporting our women’s professional goals and aspirations.

As more women pursue careers in business and technology, Accenture has created unique programs to support our women, including:

Women’s Mentoring Programs, which pair female leaders with Accenture leadership mentors, include virtual workshops and provide networking tips to help ensure the advancement of women at Accenture.

Accenture Women’s NetworkDefining success. Your way.—a global internal website that connects women across the company and provides resources that can help them define their vision of success through education, tools and multimedia. The online forum offers women a place to share experiences, advice and insights.

International Women’s Day, which has been observed at Accenture since 2001. Our celebrations give employees across the globe an opportunity to have conversations about how to achieve their professional and personal goals while defining success. Through Accenture’s activities and events at offices and client sites, International Women’s Day underscores our dedication to engaging the best people from diverse backgrounds to deliver high performance.


Defining Success Forums, virtual webcasts held quarterly, feature leaders sharing their personal approaches to managing various aspects of their career journey. Participants hear first-hand how colleagues have defined success for themselves.


Employee Resource Groups in our local offices drive initiatives and programs to support women and help them build strong networks, both within Accenture and with the broader community.


Training & Development

Training and Development Programs are available to help our Accenture women develop as leaders.

A mix of virtual learning and in-person training, these programs include:

Developing Our Women series, including Growing Your Career, Steering Your Career and Maximizing Your Career, is a virtual learning experience that provides our women opportunities to discuss career management techniques and strategies for success. During the courses, they also reflect on their personal and career goals and create actionable plans to grow their career forward.

Developing Executive Women series, including Lead with Impact, Create Your Impact, Power of Your Impact, an interactive learning experience. These courses provide women with the foundational tools and strategies to become successful executives, more client centric leaders and effective managers of people and our business.

Maximizing Performance: Developing High Performing Women, which teaches women skills and strategies to maximize personal networks and become effective negotiators, as well as identify ways to manage and advance their careers to become successful leaders.

Maximizing Performance: Women and Client Centricity, which provides women with tools and skills to become more client-centric leaders and effective managers of people and our business. It also provides opportunities to engage in networking and discussions to help navigate their careers.

Maximizing Performance: Women in Leadership, which enhances our women’s understanding of leadership roles through sharing of best practices and encouraging them to further develop a network of colleagues to build a foundation for career growth and success.

Women and Negotiation, which focuses on exploring the differences, if any, in women’s approach to negotiation generally, discussing how those differences do and do not apply to Accenture women. The course offers strategies to help women maximize their effectiveness in each of their negotiation interactions.