Accenture Committed to Computer Skills Development in Nigeria

Accenture is passionate about making a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates.

Computer Skills Development
Computer facilities and skills in Nigeria remain scarce and any training undertaken is largely theoretical. Since 2006, Accenture has been helping to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria by providing secondary school students with an opportunity to gain invaluable computer skills. To this end, the firm donated computers and internet access to 2 local public schools in Lagos and Abuja, Victoria Island Junior Secondary School and Asokoro Secondary School respectively. This addition to the school's facilities has greatly improved the student body’s opportunity to acquire meaningful skills that will see them through many years of education ahead. Accenture also funded the appointment of an experienced teacher to ensure learning is maximised.

The opening ceremony of the computer classrooms was attended by senior members of the Lagos and Abuja Ministry of Education, who reiterated the importance of improving Nigeria's computer education for future high performance. They also noted this was the first such donation made to a school in Lagos state. "Education. You're not going to get the population to move up without it," says a senior executive of Accenture, who attended the opening. "With our passion for learning and the skills available through our people, it makes sense to focus our corporate citizenship activities on education and skills development.”