Niyi Yusuf

New Country Managing Director

Niyi Yusuf became the company’s new country managing director of the Nigeria office on April 1, 2010. He was head of the Systems and Integration Growth platform in Nigeria before he succeeded Mrs. Omobola Johnson who stepped down as CMD on March 1, 2010, becoming chairman.

Mr. Yusuf embodies all that we at Accenture cherish in our core values of stewardship, very strong work ethic, in-depth knowledge of our business and passion for both our people and clients. He also brings to bear the strength of Accenture as a technology firm that globally derives more than 70 percent of its income from technology based work.

He joined Accenture in 1995 after 4 years of experience in the Nigerian IT industry. Having spent over 14 years in Accenture, Yusuf brings to his new position a broad range of experience, skills and capabilities with an enviable record of achievements in project delivery and systems improvement. He has managed the implementation and delivery of many turnkey projects for clients in various industries spanning manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, insurance and public sector.