Company overview: Nigeria

Read the company overview of Accenture Nigeria as well as a message from our Country Managing Director.

Accenture in Nigeria service groups are supported by their counterparts- a vast talent cutting across all industries- with more than 319,000 people serving clients in more than 200 cities in 56 countries who are able to uniquely pair strategic acumen and strong execution capabilities to help clients identify new opportunities, drive process improvements and achieve high performance in their businesses and governments.

Accenture in Nigeria presently has over 100 employees.

In the fiscal year ended August 31, 2014 Accenture generated net revenues of US$30.0 billion

Company Description
Accenture in Nigeria is built on its dedication to helping clients identify and capitalise on their most important business and technology opportunities to achieve high performance.

Message from the Country Managing Director
Nigeria is a country in transformation and every day we at Accenture in Nigeria contribute to laying an overall platform for sound and sustainable growth.

Accenture in Nigeria began operation in 1985 with fewer than 10 people primarily engaged in general consulting assignments. We have now become a major player in the financial services industry as well as in oil and gas.