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Tushar Narsana

Meet Tushar, who's responsible for four patents and helms Accenture Supply Chain BPS


"It's about helping companies make better business decisions and working more coherently toward better business results. When you do it right, you reduce risk and enhance revenues. We do it right."

You're the global offering lead for Supply Chain BPS. Are you having fun?

I’ve always believed it’s important to do something you enjoy. I’m lucky enough to be able to say that’s very true in my case! Over time I've migrated from working as more of a generalist consultant across multiple industries to what you might call an "operational-improvement" specialist.

Define that, please?

I’m in a narrower set of product-oriented industries now. I get to work with companies that "make stuff" and it is a ton of fun. What a privilege it is to help them solve complex problems and create opportunities. We’re working with companies that make some of the best "stuff" in any given market—tractors, construction equipment, cars, hi-tech devices, aircraft equipment, energy equipment, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and more. So this to me is a dream job.

It’s a ton of responsibility, is it not?

Offering leads do shoulder a lot of responsibility, and for Supply Chain BPS at Accenture I enjoy the dual responsibility of growing an o­ffering (organically and inorganically) while continuing to solve complex operational issues for clients.

Along with this o­ffering responsibility, I'm also actively engaged as a subject matter expert on several Supply Chain engagements and industry groups. All this while our team works on business turnarounds, outsourcing and the latest technology strategies. It keeps me busy, but I like busy.

What do companies need now and in the near future?

Just look at digital supply chains. Companies need to move to truly integrated digital supply chains, and in most cases the only way to do that is to reinvent and disrupt to a degree. For example, operators must break down siloed information on stock availability, perform real-time analysis and manage a centralized view of inventory.

Details, please.

It’s about helping companies make better business decisions, identifying and remedying weaknesses and working more coherently toward better business results. When you do it right, you reduce risk and enhance revenues. We do it right. We bring together highly skilled, industry-specific supply chain practitioners, intellectual property and our Supply Chain Control Tower—a market-leading, cloud-based framework powered by intelligent technology and analytics—to manage complex, global, end-to-end supply chains.

And the results?

By using analytics, mobility, our expertise in specific industries and our leading technology, we can save customers over 25 percent in costs while helping their revenue grow by up to 5 percent. And I love this metric: $5 in benefits for every $1 invested in our service. But it goes much further, like reducing inventory costs by up to 50 percent and logistics costs by up to 30 percent. We’ve reduced warranty costs by up to 35 percent and improved spare parts availability by over 20 percent.

What were your patents about?

They are Business Method patents for the hearing aid industry. Basically they involve ways to help hearing aid manufacturers improve revenue by identifying hearing loss faster and streamlining the process of acquiring the right hearing aids for patients.

What did you do before Accenture?

Prior to joining Accenture in 2010, I had the opportunity to lead several major initiatives within products and communications, media and technology companies including supply chain optimization, M&A due diligence and post-merger integration. It was a really good foundation for the work here.

Tushar, where were you educated?

I earned my MBA from the University of Michigan and Bachelors in Engineering from the University of Pune, India.

Accenture is a busy place. What do you do to unwind?

I enjoy my time with friends and family. My wife and I enjoy watching movies, our two kids keep us busy and I’m always available for a glass of good red wine with our friends. I do try to golf with my buddies if and when possible.

Your favorite travel destination and why?

The Caribbean. We love going to beaches and spending some quiet downtime. It’s become a ritual for us to spend a couple of weeks every year or two at a choice beach destination and enjoying the sun and sand.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Having access to some of the biggest and best companies in the world. Solving supply chain issues for global Fortune 500 companies is extremely challenging but immensely rewarding personally. There is a tremendous amount of learning in the process and I continue to make some very good friends along the way.